Is Boston University a prestigious school?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by jude84, Dec 11, 2011.

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    While BU certainly offers many opportunities to those who seek them out (as do most comparable schools, I would imagine), I don't know that a Metropolitan College program is the best way to take advantage of them. Metropolitan College is great (imo) at offering a reputable degree and good nontraditional learning experience to students at night or online. I think there are other programs at BU (or other schools) that would offer more in terms of what you are looking for. Full time programs would be best if you could swing that, or perhaps a part time MBA at a top school (BU also has one of these through the School of Management, but not online).

    Regarding the alumni network, I believe there is one, but I have never used it. I probably should look into it though.

  2. Kizmet

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    Values come into the equation somewhere and so that's probably where I'm getting confused. In my value system I can't see paying the high price of BU, plus uprooting your whole life to move to Boston for a semester when you could go to a place like UMass that is not only cheaper, and not only entirely online, but it's also ranked higher (MBA) than BU. But it's your choice, I guess. Good luck.
  3. jude84

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    well, kizmet are you saying that while BU is good school, it's not that great to justify a move?
  4. Kizmet

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    What I'm saying is that I personally wouldn't 1) pay that much money and/or 2) move across the country. This is not a reflection of the school's excellent reputation, it's a reflection of my values and my current life circumstances. Most of us on this board are unable to leave our jobs and families in order to return to school and that's how we got into DL in the first place. But even beyond that, one of the issues that we see raised repeatedly in the question of ROI. If I can earn an accredited Masters degree from a state university at half the price of a big name brand school then I'm going to go with the cheaper school. Part of the reason is that I don't want to incur the debt but the other reason is that no one has managed to show me that the degree from the big name brand school is actually worth twice as much. But that's just my opinion and I recognize that others feel differently.
  5. jude84

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    Well this brings up another subject; do employers care that much about name brand schools?
  6. Bruce

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    Unless it's an Ivy or "public Ivy" school, I really don't think so, other than the inherent bias a fellow grad might have (U of Florida HR person hiring a U of Florida applicant over a Florida State applicant, for example). When going for my CJ Master's, I narrowed my choices to Boston University and UMass-Lowell; the price difference was dramatic, even if I had to pay full tuition at UML (I didn't pay anything, courtesy of a veteran's waiver), I still would have gone there, as I saw the difference in reputation to not be worth the price difference, and never once have I wished I had gone to B.U. instead.
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    Everything in Boston is prestigious :)
  8. Kizmet

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    You're asking a question that no one can answer. The main reason for this is there is no real group that be correctly labelled "employers." Your question suggests that this is a single entity, all of whom agree. There are as many answers as there are employers. People can supply anecdotal evidence based on their own experience but is there any reason that this will apply to you and your situation and goals? Not really.
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    Wow, I found a thread that was posted back in '05 about this very same subject; reputability of BU.

    Really good responses from everyone. I thank you guys for helping me out with my decision.

    I am going to go ahead with BU and take it for all it's worth. Apparently I was very misinformed and found out from this board and from other sources that BU is an absolutely excellent school. Not Harvard or Yale, but certainly the next tier down.
  10. Bruce

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    Touche' my friend.
  11. Kizmet

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    The traffic situation is not always so great. By the way, here's something I presented to this board a number of years ago:

    Welcome to Bawstin! ( Boston )

    For those of you who have never been to "Bawstin", this is a good guideline. I hope you will consider coming to "Beantown" in the near future. For those who call New England home, this is just plain great!
    Information on Boston and the surrounding area:

    There's no school on School Street , no court on Court Street, no dock on Dock Square , no water on Water Street . Back Bay streets are in alphabetical "oddah": Arlington , Berkeley , Clarendon, Dartmouth , etc. So are South Boston streets: A, B, C, D, etc. If the streets are named after trees ( e.g. Walnut, Chestnut, Cedar), you're on Beacon Hill . If they're named after poets, you're in Wellesley .
    Massachusetts Ave is Mass Ave ; Commonwealth Ave is Comm Ave ; South Boston is Southie. The South End is the South End. Don't get em mixed up.
    East Boston is Eastie. The North End is east of the former West End . The West End and Scollay Square are no more; a guy named Rappaport got rid of them one night. Roxbury is The Burry, Jamaica Plain is J.P.

    How to say these Massachusetts city names correctly:?
    **Say it wrong, be shunned**
    Worcester : Wuhsta (or Wistah)
    Gloucester : Glawsta
    Leicester Lesta
    Woburn : Wooban
    Dedham : Dead-um
    Revere : Re-vee-ah
    Quincy : Quinzee
    Tewksbury : Tooks berry
    Leominster : Lemin-sta?
    Peabody : Pee-ba-dee
    Waltham : Walth-ham
    Chatham : Chaddum
    Samoset: Sam-oh-set or Sum-aw-set but nevah Summerset!
    Frappes have ice cream, milkshakes don't.
    If it is fizzy and flavored, it's tonic.
    Soda is CLUB SODA.
    "Pop" is Dad.
    When we want Tonic WATER, we will ask for Tonic WATER.
    The smallest beer is a pint.
    Scrod is whatever they tell you it is, usually fish. If you paid more than $6 per pound, you got scrod.
    It's not a water fountain; it's a bubblah.
    It's not a trashcan; it's a barrel.
    It's not a spucky, a hero or grinder,... it's a sub.
    It's not a shopping cart; it's a carriage.
    It's not a purse; it's a pockabook.
    They're not franks; they're haht dahgs; Franks are money in Switzahland.

    Police don't drive patrol units or black and whites they drive a "crooza". If you take the bus, your on the "looza crooza". It's not a rubber band, it's an elastic. It's not a traffic circle, it's a rotary. "Going to the islands" means Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket.

    The Sox = The Red Sox
    The C's = The Celtics
    The B's = The Bruins
    Things not to do:

    Don't pahk your cah in Hahvid Yahd .. they'll tow it to Meffa ( Medford ) or Summahville (Somerville).?
    Don't sleep on the Common. ( Boston Common)
    Don't wear Orange in Southie on St. Patrick's Day.
    Things you should know:

    There are two State Houses, two City Halls, two courthouses, two Hancock buildings (one old, one new for each).?

    The colored lights on top the old Hancock tell the weatha':
    "Solid blue, clear view...."
    "Flashing blue, clouds due...."
    "Solid red, rain ahead...."
    "Flashing red, snow instead...." - (except in summer; flashing red means the Red Sox game was rained out)?

    Route 128 is also I-95 south. It's also I-93 north.
    Most people live here all their life and still don't know what the hell is going on with this one.

    The underground train is not a subway. It's the "T", and it doesn't run all night (fah chrysakes, this ain't Noo Yawk).?
    Order the "cold tea" in China Town after 2:00 am you'll get a kettle full of beer.

    Bostonians.... think that it's their God-given right to cut off someone in traffic.
    Bostonians...think that there are only 25 letters in the alphabet
    (no R's -except in "idea").
    Bostonians...think that three straight days of 90+ temperatures is a heat wave.
    Bostonians...refer to six inches of snow as a "dusting."
    Bostonians...always "bang a left" as soon as the light turns green, and oncoming traffic always expects it.
    Bostonians...believe that using your turn signal is a sign of weakness.
    Bostonians...think that 63-degree ocean water is warm.
    Bostonians...think Rhode Island accents are annoying.

    Boston is a fun place to live!
  12. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator


    Worcester is pronounced "Woostah".

    Pats = New England Patriots.

    Wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day tells everyone you sympathize with the Orange Order, which is a Protestant fraternal/advocacy group in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    I make it a point to wear my orange raincoat while working on St Patrick's Day (whether it's raining or not), which always produces horrified looks from people "Don't you know what that means?", to which I reply "Yes, and that's why I'm wearing it".
  13. dcb188

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    Living on Cape Cod and commuting to Boston regularly, I find the above two posts to be among the very best published comments anywhere in the world...:)
  14. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    The best humor is grounded in truth.
  15. dcb188

    dcb188 Member

    Absolutely--and Judge King would have agreed. As long as no child support was involved.
  16. davesaint

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    Brandeis University has a online MS in Project Management degree. I've completed three class towards this degree. However, I transferred to Purdue to complete my online MS in Project Management because Purdue is more well known nation-wide and because I will be able to complete the program quicker because classes are 8 weeks long. The Spring-1 term starts on January 9th.

  17. CornCod

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    BU Buddy

    I have a friend that went to BU for his undergrad degree which led to getting into a good law school. He then got a job with the most prestigious law firm in the state. He lives in a giant McMansion in Central Jersey with a good looking wife and all the other perks and benefits of the wealthy life. BTW, he happens to be a man of good character too.
  18. varunm

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    Dear Friends,

    I have gained admission to Boston University's metropolitan College For 'Master of Science in Administrative Studies concentration in Financial Economics' program for Fall 2012.
    I am 22 yrs old and have completed my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering ,Mumbai
    I have a few questions :-

    1. What are the credentials of METROPOLITAN COLLEGE in general ?

    2. Since BU is a very Expensive school(84 grand tution fees for 2 yrs) ,what are the job prospects after completing my MS in BOSTON or the USA in general after this particular degree?

    Would be Grateful for your suggestions and Opinions guys !

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