Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel should be wiped off the map

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by JLV, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Re: Re: The true nature of the Muslim world

    THIS POST reminds me of what the Bushies are up against in the Transnationalists who would ceed all defense powers to a corrupt and impotent UN. I watched C-SPAN last week, and the former "weapons" inspector was at Tufts University, explaining why the EU's Venus plan was better than Bush's Mars initiatives_ Euro's are SO SUPERIOR to us Cowboys, you know.

    Blix neither raised nor answered any objections like these successes: Rwanda, Bosnia, North Korea - oh, and a little thing about Saddam's Iraq called "Oil for food" scandal, the biggest corruption of the international system in history (it bought off permanent members of th Security Council). Nor did any of the supine "savants" in attendence at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy raised these issues!

    So forget honesty when it comes to comparing approaches with these simple minded idiots. The Bushies know the US is on its own now. And if the US waits more than a year or two, Blair may retire for another Labor leader, and the US will be practically without any but militarilly inconsequential allies.

    It's lonely to be #1. It's even lonelier to be the planets only policeman with policing power. Otherwise, as a recent news story put it, we may have to live with a nuclear Iran. Will they threaten oil supplies? Will they nuke Jerusalem? Will they incite Shia-Sunni civil war? Or Will they merely hold Israel hostage to all foreign support?

    Otherwise, the days of the country that leads the world in medical exports and the Mid-East with the best quality of life are numbered.
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    Look for DIMONA

    Of course we do have nuclear weapons my friend, have you not heard of the



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    Ufffffffffffff, behind the times. Israel has whipped the combined arab armies on at least (3) different occasions. Do they really want to go for FOUR ???

    Note: Silly I am, Iran is persian not arab.

  4. Rich Hartel

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    "If" Iran does something stupid, it will be Israel who wipes Iran off the face of the planet!:eek:

    Lets hope and pray this does not happen, however, the Bible does say that Israel will be attacked to point of almost being wiped off the planet and then she will have the right to defend herself with everything she has including nuclear weapons, which I believe they have.
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    And Sadam had WMDs. I am not saying that such threats should be ignored. I just think we must be 100% sure that such capabilities exist before sending American Soldiers to die.

    A report that the present Secretary of State decided to ignore. Anyway, didn't a few years before that a couple of good old boys from the heartland take down a federal building in Oklahoma City. We must be very careful when dealing with extremists, no mater were they come from.
  6. Re: Re: Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel should be wiped off the map

    Yes.... yes. That's it! Let's make foreign policy decisions based on the writings of ancient peoples with no connection to today's reality! Some would say these writings are myths...... but to others, they contain the guidance necessary for effective crisis management in the 21st century. Uh huh. Yeah. Right!
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    I feel pretty much the same about that kind of God-based foreign policy as you do; certainly, Germany came to grief at the hands of the Allies but not until she managed to wipe out an entire Jewish world. I don't see a lot of divine protection there.

    However, it remains an astonishing historical fact that Jews STILL EXIST as a recognizable civilization/ethnic group/nation/pick your term. Where are the Hittites and the Assyrians and the Amorites and the Minoans...well, you get the idea. Even Greeks and Egyptians bear little resemblence today to the anciant peoples that went by their names. Christianity and Islam essentially remade them forever. These ancient peoples surely remain among us today, but they don't know who they are, do they. The Jew DOES.

    I have heard it said, though by whom, to whom, and when I couldn't undertake to say, that God continues to honor the covenant with Abraham so long as ten adult male Jews remain, a congregation, in other words.

    I don't buy all this for a moment, of course, but...well, maybe it's just coming out of the High Holidays but I admit that I DO sometimes wonder.

    Still and all, if Iran makes serious war upon Israel, I promise you nothing will keep Israel from defending herself with all force necessary.
  8. JLV

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    The final solution

  9. Excellent points, nosborne. And may the Lord of the Old Testament (which is pretty much the one I believe in) grant them the strength to utterly vanquish their enemies, who are also the enemies of all mankind. Let me give you a hint who they are - the name of their religion starts with an "I"......
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  11. nosborne48

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    Well! Maybe there ARE Muslims of consience

    APPARENTLY, the Palestinian Authority DID condemn the Persian President's call to war. Saeb Erekat spoke out against it.

    Also, Algeria voted in the U.N. Security Council to condemn the remarks.

    But from the ENTIRE rest of the Muslim world, including AFAIK the American Muslim community, there has been nothing but the silence of tacit agreement.

    Yes, indeed. I know who my enemy is.

    But let Iran beware. If Jews have learned anything in the last hundred years, it is to take the enemy's talk absolutely seriously and to assume that he means exactly what he says. No allowance will be made for "rhetoric" or "Middle Eastern customs".
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    Re: Re: Re: Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel should be wiped off the map

    Carl, Carl, my friend, greetings,

    I know some people don't believe in the scriptures, and that's fine, but since the people of that religion that begins with an I..., as you stated in another response to this subject, still seem to live, talk and think for the most part back to Biblical times, maybe our leaders should use the Bible for some guidance in order to deal with some of the most important issues concerning the Middle East! But that is just my opinion!

    And since you believe in the Lord of the Old Testament scriptures, how does "Zechariah 14:1-21" sound to you?;)
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  13. Re: Re: Re: Re: Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel should be wiped off the map

    Bring it on! A perfect fate for the enemies of all mankind, whose religion starts with an "I...".

    Of course, they can always repent first, and start acting like decent human beings, but.... they won't.
  14. nosborne48

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    ONE American response

    The tiny but fast growing Progressive Muslim Union of North America more-or-less condemned the Iranian President's remarks...

    but did so in a kind of dishwatery "pox on both your houses" statement that leaves little doubt in MY mind, anyway, that they are unwilling to break ranks by taking any meaningful action.

    I have seen NO condemnation from any other American group. I'd be grateful for anyone pointing me to some.
  15. JLV

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    I wonder where those groups and NGO´s that demonstrated so vigourously against the war in Iraq are now.
  16. JLV

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    Re: ONE American response

    Nosborne, not an American organization, of cpurse, but Turks, for instance, another Muslim non Arab nation quickly condemned those statements. It is a little relief. I wonder if Egyptians and Jordanian officials, countries which have diplomatic relations with Israel also condemned it.
  17. nosborne48

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    Turkey? That actually IS a relief. In the past, there has been some military cooperation between the Turks and the Israelis. Granted, Turkey has its own history of brutality and horror (Armenians, Kurds) but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    No, the governments of both Jordon and Egypt actually STATED that they had no comment.
  18. JLV

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    Yeah, the Turks are the greatest allies Israel has in the Middle East. Believe it or not, Israel leaders have proposed to pick the tap of Turkey’s cost to enter the EU. Imagine how strategic it must be for Israel to have them as stable allies. Anyway, they responded quickly and properly, which is truly a relief.

    Those two countries, Egypt and Jordan, disgraced themselves by keeping silent (and thus conceding). There is no real leadership in the Middle East. I am sure the previous King of Jordan, Hussein would have opposed to those ridiculous hate statements.

    Nevertheless I am sure Iran is next in the list. I mean I hope so. You only need Google Earth and a B-52 loaded with lots of love. Well, and some political grip to get away with it..... Sooner or later it will happen, whether the US or Israel someone will have to take care of business.
  19. nosborne48

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    The weird thing is, the notion that Israel occupies territories properly the domain of the Palestinians is historically inaccurate; the West Bank belonged to the Kingdom of Jordon before the 1968 war. If Israel's occupation (their term, BTW) were to end today, sovereignty would return to Amman NOT the Palistinian Authority.

    Now the reason that's odd is during the Jordanian administration, the Palestinians hated Amman! It's true!

    I have OFTEN wondered why Israel doesn't just conclude a quiet treaty returning the West Bank to Jordon. Unless the King doesn't WANT all those Palestinians!
  20. SteveFoerster

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    Likewise -- I've always wondered why the Israelis didn't return the West Bank wasn't just returned to Jordan and Gaza returned to Egypt along with the rest of the Sinai.

    Perhaps the reason is that they wish to keep some of the West Bank but not all of it, an arrangement unlikely to meet Jordanian approval? Or maybe the Jordanians look at the West Bank today and are happy to be rid of it?


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