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  1. galaxyquest

    galaxyquest New Member

    Hi there!

    I'm from Germany and I've been working as software developer for more
    than 8 years now after doing a math degree. I'm currently evaluating my
    options for getting an online master in astronomy (most likely JCU).

    I found this forum while googling for information. It seems to
    have impressively knowledgable people in it - from the sound of
    it some make two degrees each day before breakfast :cool:
    It's certainly overwhelming when your not familiar with this
    system of education.

    I'll probably post a real question soon.
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    A former member of this forum earned his Masters of Astronomy degree from JCU was was very pleased with the program.

    Two somewhat related USA on-line programs are Masters in Space Studies from APU and North Dakota:
  3. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    "Am I in time for Alexander's meltdown?"
  4. imalcolm

    imalcolm New Member

    I'm currently in the AMU/APU Space Studies Master's program. They offer a planetary science concentration which you may be interested in. I was originally going to focus in planetary science but I have switched over to the the General concentration, which is more interdisciplinary, and easier to complete quickly (mostly 8 week courses). There is not a lot of astronomy focus, but you can study more of the "rocket science" type courses.

    However, I do like astronomy in general and I looked into James Cook University. From what I can tell, it is very well regarded. I think it is also somewhat expensive, but it is probably worth it.

    UNISA also offers a research-based astronomy Master's degree.
  5. galaxyquest

    galaxyquest New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Good to hear about JCU. Unisa sounds
    interesting as well, although I find their website a bit confusing
    to navigate. I wasn't aware of Space Studies but I think I'm
    more geared towards the astronomy fun ;)

    I had also considered Swinburne Astronomy Online but it seems
    to be course-work only and I thought having a part research would
    be nice. Not that I intend to go the phd route and really into research.
    I probably should mention I'm already 33 years old. And actually, I fear
    the degree will not be very useful from a career point of view anyway.

    Can you actually do something with an astronomy master? My main
    motivation would be the learning itself, also, the flexible prospect of
    being able to do it part-time and online is appealing (long distance
    relationship). Still, astronomy is heavily reliant on software systems
    nowadays, so I wonder if I might not stumble over an interesting
    job for an experienced software developer with an astronomy
    degree someday. Of course, these will probably be fought over by
    astronomy phd's which didn't make it into an academic position ;)
  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I've people at NASA and JPL with astronomy degrees and people in the USAF with Space Studies degrees (although they probably were already employed when they earned their masters degrees).
    ESA may hire people with these type degrees.
    One could also teach but I've heard their are lots of doctorates in astronomy looking for teaching positions.
    Most space oriented companies/organizations employ people experienced in space weather.
  7. Tom H.

    Tom H. New Member

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