International Association of Universities?

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  1. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    What's the value of a school being listed with the International Association of Universities? From my understanding the lists comes from the United Nations UNESCO?
  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Here's one good thing: I looked through the lists of American, Canadian, UK and Australian schools, as I am most familiar with universities of these countries -- and I also did some casual poking around the lists of other countries and saw some familiar (good) names.

    I did not see one "clinker" or bogus school. So -- it appears to me at least, to be a genuine organization for "real" schools.

    I don't see this membership as a key point when deciding upon a school. If a bona-fide University chooses to join this multi-national and apparently legit organization - that's nice... I'm sure they have their reasons. Conversely, there are many good schools that are not members. I think that these questions are FAR more important, when choosing a distance school:

    (1) Am I sure the school is bona-fide? (Usually the easiest one.)
    (2) Does it teach the degree/specialty I want?
    (3) Is the program affordable? Well-reputed?
    (4) Will coursework, exams etc. suit my timetable?
    (5) If I earn the degree, is it likely it will help me open the required doors?

  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    BTW -even some of the oddest-sounding schools on the membership list, e.g. "Lovely Professional University" of India, are 100% legit. This one in particular - I've checked it before... :)

  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Ah, yes, the Lovely Professional University. As it happens, I am visiting in Boring, Oregon this very day, home of the Boring schools (Boring Middle School / Overview)

    There's a career plan: first Boring, then Lovely.
  5. Cardinal Biggles

    Cardinal Biggles New Member

    LOL. Here's a link to some other names- mostly elementary and high school- Warning: a bit more spicy than lovely and boring.

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