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  1. Bruce

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    While hacking around the web with my spanking new 14th edition of Bears' Guide, I came across some interesting programs through Fort Hays State University in Kansas.(

    They offer a totally non-resident Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) with several concentrations. Only 30 semester hours have to be completed through FHSU, all can be via DL. Looks like a good program, but I think it doesn't offer anything that isn't already offered through TESC, Excelsior, COSC, etc.

    More interesting is the Master of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.), a 31 semester hour interdisciplinary degree with an optional concentration in Leadership Studies. Delivery method seems to be formed along the lines of CSU-DH, but the culminating project can be written work, special project, or an internship. It has some interesting course offerings, and at $107.49 per credit hour, is very affordable ($3332.19 for the program), and can be done 100% via Distance Learning.

  2. Ken

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    Why do some of these schools insist on such weird titles... my not simply a BA in General Studies and a MA in Liberal Arts?

  3. Alex

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    On a related note, why do Australian schools have such a large number of degree titles (e.g., Bachelor of Policing, Master of Applied Geology, to name a couple)? Are these degree titles regarded (in Australia) as less desirable or less rigorous than (for example) Bachelor of Science in Policing or Master of Science in Applied Geology?

  4. uxu

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    On their main site I found there accreditation information:

    It includes: Institutional -- North Central Association

    I wonder if any of our resident experts can advise if that accreditation is worth anything (FWIW) and if you would suspect that their virtual U would also be accredited as is their main U program.
  5. The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association accredits colleges, universities, and other degree-granting institutions of higher education.

    This is one of the regional associations recognized by the US Department of Education.

    The NCA website is at

    The Dept of Education has accreditation information and links at

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