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    Recently, I have had some reasons to question whether I was going crazy so maybe I've missed something here but I think this article is about a program at Stanford, not Harvard. It really doesn't matter but I felt the need to point that out.
  2. Crap, messed up. My bad
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    Like Kizmet says... Stanford, not Harvard.

    I disagree that it has zero point. Intellectually speaking, an undergraduate foundation in philosophy + CS makes great sense for people ultimately wanting to do a graduate degree in Cognitive Science.

    Apparently lots of students at Stanford agreed, but figured that they could do a double major instead of this hybrid major, just by adding some additional philosophy and CS classes.

    Another area where a program like this might make sense is as foundation for those anticipating a career in video game design or something like that. Combining CS with art and design might make a lot of sense there. Simulations, displays, there's lots going on there.

    A lot of "tech" these days isn't purely engineering (it's been 20 or 30 years since Silicon Valley was dominated by engineers) and it isn't even computer science any more. It's more about making all of that into viable business concepts, about giving it a human face so to speak.
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  4. I realised the mistake, I was getting tired when I posted.

    I know that some schools have computer science programs with a concentration in video game design. I know Liberty University has a program like that.

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