Integrity of 2020 elections.

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Nov 28, 2020.

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    Without proper evidence the effort is doomed.
    As can be seen in the testimony above claiming the evidence was destroyed so maybe this can explain why lawsuits are failing?
    What I read is that some complains can trigger/triggered criminal investigations, those take time and may go whey beyond the inauguration.
  4. Rich Douglas

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    A lack of evidence is not evidence.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
    The only results that might arise from this failed flurry of frivolity are potential punishments doled out to the lawyers filing the suits, and a possible suppression of the Republican vote in Georgia.

    Once again, self-own.
  5. Lerner

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    It is what it is if evidenced was destroyed. Concerned a credible citizen's complains should be checked.
    Trump is swinging back as he convinced injustice was done.
    President Donald Trump is considering appointing a special prosecutor to probe an election he alleges was rife with illegal and "rigged" balloting.
    “I went through three years of a special counsel prosecutor,” Trump added. “I call [it] prosecutor because it's a much more accurate term,” he added.
    PA GOP may still take some actions related to PA electors.
    "We're asking for the election not to be certified, and for us, the legislature, to have an opportunity to look into what happened"
    Sidney Powell 3 day ago rushed a lawsuit in GA.
    "The $107 million contract awarded by Georgia for Dominion Voting Systems should be thoroughly investigated for potential "benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract," according to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell"
    Powell's investigation is turning up potential criminal allegations.
    Challenges are still taking place in AZ and MI.

    BTW While numerous Democrats and media outlets have ridiculed President Donald Trump for contesting and failing to concede the presidential election results in Georgia, Stacey Abrams has been hailed as a hero for doing the same thing in the state’s gubernatorial vote two years ago.
  6. Rich Douglas

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    A lack of evidence is not evidence that the evidence was destroyed.

    Good luck with all of that. Biden will become president on January 20th, and none of that can nor will stop it--because it's nothing.
  7. Lerner

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    Against all odds the Trump team will pursue what they believe or hired to do.
    Sworn affidavits are evidence by it self. Its not sufficient as you mentioned for heavy accusations heavy evidence is needed.
    I think most people by now think/convinced that Biden will become president in Jan 2021.
    History will show if this will be good or bad for the US.
    But this is not preventing concerned citizens such as PA Data Scientist to continue pursuit of justice as they witnessed injustice.
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  8. Bill Huffman

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    There is a lack of evidence for all kinds of wild ridiculous theories. I could make up a hundred wild ridiculous theories in an hour very easily. At some point it might be simpler to just accept the fact that when their is no evidence for a wild ridiculous theory the wild ridiculous theory might just not be true!

    He didn't even witness injustice. How ridiculous to even put it that way.
  9. Lerner

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    I remember " if it doesn't fit you must acquit" yes OJ was acquitted. Most of the country thought he did it.
    Maybe not a good example but there is difference between proving crime and actual crime.
    Not all crimes are detected or prosecuted.
    I totally agree with you that anyone can makeup a story, but I also can say that unfortunately some crimes are real and can't be proved because the evidence was destroyed.
    Again, if access to recordings of video cameras pressings and access to voting machine data was granted in time, these things could have been checked.
    So yes some stories are made but some are truthful. And I trust our courts and judges.
  10. Rich Douglas

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    There is no evidence of anything wrong that was material to the outcomes of the election. The Trump campaign has sued some 40 times now and has failed to produce anything along those lines--as judges have ruled repeatedly.

    Looking forward to January 20th.
  11. Steve Levicoff

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    The key question is: On January 20th, will you, Lerner, and everyone else who has participated in these irrelevant threads finally shut up? :rolleyes:
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  12. Bill Huffman

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  13. Lerner

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    Its only Nov 30th.

    Judge in GA:
    Emergency Order just entered by Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr.: “Defendants are ordered to maintain the statue quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.”

    The setback is that machines are owned by counties so secretary of state can't follow this order. Different organizations plan rally in GA multiple locations and some are still trying to
    prevent the reset of the voting machines.
    Judge reversed order based on Defendants’ claim that GA Counties control voting machines but Machines are owned by State & @GaSecofState administers state laws on elections.

    Its understood that there are paper ballots etc, and a recount been taken place so not sure why this is needed but maybe there is a reason.
    So A coalition of Republican groups are calling for an occupation of the Georgia State House in response to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordering the Dominion voting machines in the state to be wiped.
    Its obvious there is a struggle there.
    Why not let security professionals examine the machines?
    Why a rush to erase?

    "In her lawsuit filed on Wednesday, attorney Sidney Powell alleged that election software and hardware produced by Dominion is where the “massive fraud begins,” stating the design and features of the system’s software do not allow for a simple audit of misallocation, redistribution and deletion of votes."

    "There is “incontrovertible physical evidence” that security systems were breached and that voting machines were connected to the Internet, a violation of state and federal laws, according to Powell’s filing."

    As slim as the chances are the right groups will continue their fight for what they believe.

    Steve if we are still a Democracy we will have a right of speech.
    I think the moderators will allow both sides representation here in our discussion board as it was so far.

    Left, Dems and the media didn't shut up for 4 years, Russia-gate, Spy-gate, Impeachment over a phone call, they tried Mental and other accusations, etc.
    Now there are accusations of elections-gate.
  14. Rich Douglas

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    One cannot "shut up" in a discussion thread because one is not "speaking" and others are not "listening." They're choosing to read, as you are. Some are choosing to write, as you are.
  15. Rich Douglas

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    Again, there is zero evidence any votes where changed by electronic means. It matters not what has been alleged, only what can be supported by evidence. There is none.
  16. Bill Huffman

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    There is strong evidence that the voting machines worked perfectly since the hand recount was very close to the original machine count. Facts are not at issue here. The issue here is a sore loser President that is also a pathological liar is creating fantasy and chaos. The Republicans are enabling him just like the Republican party enabled Joe McCarthy back in the fifties.

    In response to Steve Levicoff, this brings up another aspect of these discussions that is of interest to me. Discussing this pure crazy election fraud stuff with Lerner makes it seem more real. From the media it is difficult to comprehend, at least for me, that there are real adults that are so willing to let a pathological liar lead them around by the nose. Here's the image. A small insipid man in a clown suit has a rope in his hand that is attached to a ring in a huge bull's nose as the clown dances around the bull ring jerking the bull back and forth. Only in this case it is a huge obese pathological liar leading around tens of millions of his cult members by the nose as the clown dances around in his fantasies.
  17. Lerner

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    So why is the rush to wipe out the voting machines?
    I understand about the hand count and also mentioned it in another earlier response.
    Why did the Judge initially breezed the procedure?
    It appears that letting authorized persons Dems and GOP to validate can't hurt.
    Am I that naive? the testimony of the PA Data Sci seemed credible to me. I have no way to validate/invalidate.
    And if evidence was destroyed then how one will prove there was irregularity?
    Is it sufficient to have this investigated?
  18. Lerner

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  19. Lerner

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    Lou Dubbs indicated that "highly reliable source" informed him that the FBI has an investigation team looking in to the elections results.
    Lou Dobbs

    Breaking: A source tells Lou that the FBI has an investigative team looking into this election

    Matt Braynard

    Nov 29Update: - The
    has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots. - By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

    FBI requests files of people voting ‘in multiple states’
  20. Bill Huffman

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    Yes, of course the lies and disinformation that support the fantasy you want to believe seem real. Lerner, lies are SUPER EASY to fabricate. It doesn't bother me if they do investigations. The investigation won't turn up anything interesting but it will just generate more untruths to cover up and make you forget about the cascade and parade of lies that have been jerking you around. Just like the hand counts closely matching the machine counts. Rationally that should put an end to the voting machine conspiracy theories. But it hasn't because more lies are fabricated to explain it all away. The stream of lies has been never ending and nonstop for four years. The main difference is that the lies are being delivered at firehouse speeds right now.

    Not all Republicans are in the cult and believe all the lies or even the majority of lies, I'll guess. Most Republicans I know say things like, "Trump has a big mouth." and "Trump lies too much but, I like his policies."

    Watch the 60 Minutes Krebs interview.

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