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  1. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    I'm half-way through my first semester in the school psychology program at fort hays and considering bailing. I'm looking into other career options because 1) I haven't found another school psychology program that I think will work for me and 2) I'm doubting that I would enjoy a career in traditional psychology. I've focused on positive psychology and coaching in the past and am feeling depressed reading through the negative textbooks about what is wrong with people and why they can't learn well rather than how to help them succeed.

    If I do decide to quit, would it be better to withdraw from both classes with Ws or finish them? Or maybe just drop the class I hate and finish the other one?

    Before I became an educator, I was an artist and web designer. In one of my, "I'm going to run away and join the circus" moments, I looked up some graduate degrees in graphic design. Even though I was just being silly, I realized I might be able to combine what I love (design) and what I do out of necessity (teach) by getting an EdS in instructional technology that offered the option to take web design, graphics, and instructional design courses. I think my goal would be to eventually get a job as an instructional designer at a university.

    There are several very affordable EdS programs here in Georgia (university of west georgia, kennesaw, and valdosta state), but it doesn't look like I could customize them by taking the courses I wanted. I found this program that looks good:
    Educational Technology: Learning Systems Design and Development or Online Educator or Technology in Schools | Online Master's Degree or Educational Specialist or Graduate Certificate | Mizzou Online | University of Missouri

    Has anyone here gone to this school? Did you like it?

    Suggestions for other programs? I would like affordable but most importantly I want it to be a program with well taught, enjoyable classes that would prepare me for a career. I prefer classes that are shorter than traditional semesters, either 8 weeks or quarters.

    Sorry this is so long! The gestalt is, is the Missouri program good and what other schools should I look at?
  2. Jonathan Whatley

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    (Thinking aloud about the gap between positive psychology and school psychology, which wasn't the main point of your post I know, but it strikes me:)

    There does seems to be a community of practice bringing positive psychology to school psychology. For instance the Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools is now in its second edition. The term "strengths-based" also seems to come in a similar spirit. Are there ways you could bring more of this to the Fort Hays program? e.g. in choice of what you write about for assignments? With permission to substitute one or more electives (reading courses, or transferred in from a positive-psych-oriented program elsewhere)?
  3. Michelle

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    Thanks for the reply, Jonathan.

    I think that as a school psychologist, you are right that I could bring positive psychology into my career. I'm not sure I can get through this program though.

    There is one elective in the masters part and another in the EdS, but you don't really have a lot of freedom. I needed to take psychopathology for the first one and would need a counseling class for the second.

    I really like the course listings for nova southeastern's PsyS but it's only offered on campus.
  4. Michelle

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    So far the assignments have been pretty specific too. For example, the assignment I'm working on this week is a video speech to pretend parents of children with a specific disability to convince them to take a specific action. I feel it crosses over into advice a doctor should give, so I would not give this speech in real life.
  5. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    Here are links to a few other education specialist degrees:

    University of South Florida Instructional Technology Program: Programs and Curricula - Education Specialist
    University of Florida Online Ed.S. » Educational Technology » College of Education, University of Florida

    The master's degree from Harvard's extension school with a concentration in digital media arts and instructional design looks really fun. Digital Media Arts and Instructional Design | IT Master's at Harvard

    I noticed that the two local colleges who are hiring instructional designers both listed "terminal degree" as a preferred candidate characteristic. Since they were specific about it being a terminal degree rather than a doctorate, I'm thinking that an EdS or an MFA would qualify. What I'm wondering is whether the fact that the second masters would be from Harvard might kind of neutralize the fact that it's a second masters rather than a terminal degree. Probably not, but those class syllabi really look fun.
  6. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Good find!
  7. Michelle

    Michelle Member


    I decided to apply to the program at Missouri. I'm a few weeks into my first semester and really enjoying the classes! Well, one of the classes is statistics, which isn't a favorite subject for me, so I'm not sure "enjoying" is exactly the right word, but I like the format of the class and how all of the work is relevant. In fact, there is no "busy work" in either class! The other class is in web development. It is at just the right level of challenge to be interesting and enjoyable - neither too hard nor too easy. Both professors respond and grade assignments extremely quickly and offer helpful feedback. I'm also enjoying the interactions with the other students in the web development class where we can critique each other's work and discuss topics in the field - real discussions with no word counts or required number of responses like in some online classes I've taken in the past. So far all of my interactions with the school (including admissions, financial aid, and tech support) have been very positive. I am really glad I decided to enroll.
  8. SteveFoerster

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    Glad to hear your experience so far is so positive!
  9. WR213

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    Michele, I just saw your post and was wondering, is your EdS program delivered in the 8 week format that you want it? I have an MS in IDT and would consider an EdS in that format. I could not find anything in the site that says if it's an 8 week term.
  10. Michelle

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    The classes in the Technology in Schools track are offered during 8 week sessions, but it doesn't seem that many classes are offered as 8 week classes each semester. I'm in the Learning Systems Design and Development focus area, and so far none of the classes I've wanted to take have been 8 weeks. But, I don't mind that the classes last longer since I'm enjoying them.

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