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  1. AsianStew

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    Just curious what do you all use to "review" a professor or an institution.
    There are a few sites I use, depending on what I am looking for...

    Grad/Undergrad School Example: College and University Reviews | GradReports

    Note: I searched a few of our recommended schools on that site and read a few review, its entertaining to say the least...
    However, for some reason, UMPI didn't have any reviews!

    For professors, or the school they teach at, an example: Rate My Professors
    I tried a search for the Big 3 and for Charter Oak, it was so slim, the reviews! Excelsior and TESU were just a couple of pages as well...
  2. Dustin

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    I used RateMyProfessor in my B&M college experience but my Master's has been fairly asynchronous so the prof has been less important.
  3. AirDX

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    Rate My Prof has way too many ax grinders rating people. Give a student a well-earned poor grade and they'll jump on and rip the prof. Being one who sought out the exacting, "difficult" profs in my first graduate career, since I actually wanted to learn something and stretch my abilities, I found my experiences were generally the inverse of what Rate My Prof would have to say. For specific advice on who to avoid or seek out, I found it much more productive to talk to others in my program, rather than random people on a website. And with me being a random person on this website, you may treat my opinion with all the respect it deserves. :)
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