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    Okay Rich - you win. I just HAD to look it up! :)

    From Google: "The ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is an aptitude test that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success."
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    Back in the day, these were the minimums to get into the respective services:

    Air Force: 65th percentile (plus a high school diploma)
    Navy: 45th percentile
    Army: 31st percentile (could go to 16th for some military specialties)
    Marines: 31st percentile (could go to 16th for some military specialties)

    The differences were due mainly to the more technical nature of the Air Force and Navy. Supply and demand had a lot to do with it, too.

    Also back in the day, the only year the Air Force missed its recruiting goal during my career was in 1980. President Carter had severely limited pay raises for three years while inflation was chewing us up. Reagan came in and changed all of that, making the military more attractive to recruits.

    When I was a training officer at Lackland AFB, recruits were given a reading test. If they did not read at the 10th-grade level they were pulled from training and given 40 hours of reading education and re-tested. If they failed to reach the 10th-grade level--no mean feat since the average American reads at the 7th- or 8th-grade level--they were given an entry-level discharge and sent home. The guy running that program worked for me.
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    yabbut...what exactly does the Air Force DO again?:p
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    Nowadays, it seems something like this. ;)

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    Besides shooting down Chinese balloons? Nuclear deterrence with two of the three legs of the nuclear triad.

    But on a more serious note...Q: How do you design an air force base? A: First, you figure out where the golf course will go, then the Officers Club, base housing, theater, Base Exchange, Commissary, and Hospital. Then, if there's any land left over, toss in a runway. Or something.
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    Well you need all those comfy facilities because mostly you're waiting around for the apocalypse!

    My brother was an Air Force E6 during but not in Vietnam. From him I learned that the USAF flies the heavy aircraft for worldwide logistics. That's a big deal. I'm just pulling your leg.
  7. Rich Douglas

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    I know. We get that a lot. We think it's funny. We tell 'em, too. Were you in the military, son? No, ma'am. I was in the Air Force. Stuff like that.

    When I was enlisted--and mind you, this was the late '70s--we had great food, dorms (not barracks), regular work hours (with some notable exceptions), and time to advance and develop ourselves. I had my own room--shared a bathroom with the guy next door--with wall-to-wall carpeting, wood furniture, closet space, sound-proofing, and lived by myself. I had a girlfriend going to college and living in the on-campus dorms and I lived much better than she did. (Graduated two years before she did, but that's another story.) Her dad owned a liquor store, and she was cute as a button. I don't know how I blew that one.
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    I usually char chiles under the broiler. I just do not think I would trust doing that with tortillas.
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