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    Says the lady on her graduation day... If she wanted the refund, she could have done so much sooner than on graduation day. I think she was just trying to make a statement more than anything... Yes, the Covid Pandemic may have played a role in her "education being stolen" but she did complete the requirements using alternative mediums for learning. Not really that tough of a call for her if it wasn't exactly what she was looking for, I wonder if that $60K mentioned is going to be "loans" with high or low interest... I just hope she pays that off quickly.

    Link: A Student Wrote 'I Want a Refund' on Her Graduation Ceremony Gown (businessinsider.com)
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    From the article: "Loans and tuition fees mean O'Donnell now owes about $60,000 (£50,000)."

    I'm with her. She paid full-whack for hands-on and didn't get it. In her field, that's vital, as she says. The University failed her - whatever the reason. They kept the school open with less-than -usual instruction just to collect the usual money. Kind of like the phone "appointments" my doctors did for 2+ years. This is a VERY FAMOUS school - THE place for fashion design in UK. Not a good look for them.

    Graduation is the perfect time for a protest
    . Don't let 'em make you withdraw. Get your education DESPITE the school's shenanigans - then rub their faces in it and give 'em a blast.


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