I started a class from the School Harcourt Learning Direct for PC Repair

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by barb, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. barb

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    I would like to no if any one has heard of the School Harcourt Learning Direct in

  2. John Moore

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    I have heard of the school. They are formerly known as ICS (Int'l Correspondence School) and accredited through the DETC. I took some classes there and transferred them into an undergrad program. I am sure other people on the board have opinions about the school but I liked it. I also just graduated from a Harcourt company school, CCHS and earned a Masters in Health Administration. Hope that helps.
  3. DaveHayden

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    Hi Barb

    I was hoping you would get some responses from someone actually enrolled in the PC Repair program. Since you didn't, I'll pass on my opinion in the hope that it is a help to you. My guess is you are considering this program in the hopes of gaining employment. P.C. repair is a relatively low paid field that can lead to higher positions that pay better. Sometimes with luck it can lead to positions that are very well paid.

    Experience actually doing repair work while employed is the most desired qualification for these beginning positions. Absent of that the next most desired qualifications are being Comptia A+ Certified and having either an AA or BA in Computer Science or a closely related field. Getting certified is not hard but does require work. If interested in gaining it I would search Usenet (use google.com) for Comptia. With certification you can generally gain an entry-level position that pays $8-12 per hour at places like CompUSA, Best Buy, etc.

    ICS/Harcourt is not a degree mill but I am unsure how seriously employers take it. My guess is it doesn't hold a lot of weight.

    My suggestion would be to look into programs at local community colleges. These would be much more thorough, cost the same or less and might be much more helpful in gaining a position. Another possible route would be the A+ Certification followed by the Excelsior BS in CIS. It would require you to a lot more proactive in gaining your education but it would also take you farther.

    If you have additional questions please post them and good luck in your search.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Hayden
  4. vnazaire

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    to John Moore

    Hi John , can you tell me which classes you did take that were transferred; were they transferred to an RA or DETC college ?
    Tell me about your experience with CCHS and the degree ; was it accepted by employers in the Health Administration market ?
  5. Randell1234

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    I never enrolled in the PC repair course but I can tell you employers will look for certifications rather then a diploma or a diploma/certification. DL PC repair would be hard since you really need hands-on for the A+ exam.

    Good luck
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    Hello i have lost my diploma & transcript from international correspondence school from oct 1999 can some one please provide me with a phone number or address so i can see about getting it replaced. Thanks
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