I qualified for honorary doctorate... Very Happy

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    Not enough contributions...sounds a bit like the PhD (ABD) thingy to me, only this would be the Doctor Honoris Causa (ABC), right?
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    Depends, I think. If you are not celebrity or politician, then they have to see your experience and qualifications before they pledge their university reputation on you. I guess is because I have been managing a few businesses and work in research at reputable university with years of experience, plus the publications of books, journals and patents, 2 masters degree and 1 grad diploma credits, maybe then they willing to pledge and award the degree to me. PhD(ABD) or not very subjective due to publications and patents. To be fair to them as they are accredited, contributions could mean the amount of "tuition fee" for the degree.
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    Everything is bought folks a 50 thousand dollar a year degree you bought, It's all self glorification and i don't want to hear I worked for it either because in the end you Enjoy calling yourself doctor, Take the Theology Th.d Honored and You disagree with the teachings of the Course for instance the crap 4 source theory, the Q source (Q for Quille German word for source) the Theory has never been proven, Mark as the first Gospel and, Theology has many Blasphemous teaching so If I want to be a Th.d It has to be at a university paying 250 to 300 hundred thousand dollars for something i don"t believe in. especially when my Church can provide A LEGAL honorary Degree. I Know More about the Bible then any of them Theologians and their speculative Theories. Some of these Mills i agree are a pain However, There are some Good creditable Churches with Legit (not a university) Honorary Doctorate who suffer under the mills dogma. Just saying.
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    I know why, it all boils down to DOLLARS, The self righteous Theologians want that 50$k a year tuition fee. I see nothing wrong with your Church,has to be registered Non profit, Issuing a doctorate,honorary. My point is, why should someone who does Not believe what the Theological Universities are teaching and their practices are blasphemous, why should i have to pay 50$k A YEAR 7-8 years 400 thousand dollar tuition,( and they call the mill s thieves) and pay for teachings in the 4 source theory Q source and that Mark is the First Gospel nonsense, But they are the ones Preaching about degrees in the Bible. Come on folks MONEY MONEY MONEY
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    Can i just ask one question... if you received an email like this from an accredited university,


    Hi Mr. ...,

    Your credentials are impressive, and I truly appreciate your "Statement of Purpose."

    I've conferred with my supervisor, who is Vice President at ... University. The two of us are in agreement: We will be willing to grant you an honorary doctoral degree from our university. As with others to whom we have awarded honorary doctoral degrees, we will expect you to become a member of our university "family." For example, we would hope that you could make a contribution that would help support the education we offer to our students. Could you kindly let us know how you could contribute?

    I look forward to hearing from you again.


    ..., Ph.D.
    ... University


    For the contributions, can you just contribute to a church and get that piece of receipt to accompany this email (with their email addresses, university name and...)? If you study PhD, you also need to pay tuition fees.
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    Because too much of a good thing can make you an addict?
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    That bought and paid for Honorary Doctorate is no different then a Registered Non profit Church that issues a D.D. Everyone's palms are being greased. In the University system just cost a whole lot more money. My friends dad paid for a new floor at the School He attended. he was failing miserably, but dad paid and ?????.??? got his diploma. That's a great system and the same folks who excepted that "donation" Spoke out against Churches D.D program. The Nerve the Nerve.
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    Holy Mother of God! I have a headache from reading your post. :eek:mfg::eek:mfg::eek:mfg:
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    Say a lot, so

    My WES Report:


    WES report stated I have 138.5 graduate semester credits. University of Cincinnati stated 90 graduate credits is doctorate level, and 7 hours in dissertation. My knowledge engineering project is 12 credits from Master of Technology degree. I am doctorate level.


    NTU has phd in interdisciplinary


    (MBA in IT Management and Master of Technology degree are interdisciplinary)

    My UK NARIC report


    Honorary doctorate from California International Business University


    California International Business University is accredited.

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    An honorary doctorate is not a degree. I'm not sure why people think it is. It's an award. It should never be listed under Education.

    I probably wouldn't list an honorary doctorate on my resume if the institution that awarded it was unaccredited, mostly because if you're paying someone to be awarded it than it's not a real recognition.

    It reminds me of the predatory journals or vanity publishers that ask you to pay for your book or your journal article to be published.
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    Agreed. Unaccredited degrees are only okay if they're from groupon.
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    It actually kind of speaks well of ENEB that the best thing you can find to harp on is their marketing channel.
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    You mean like the ENEB degrees that have been deemed equivalent to regionally accredited degrees by at least one major U.S. evaluator?

    No? Well what about this regionally accredited school?


    ^ Was that program okay?

    How about this program from a regionally accredited school?


    Oh, no! The walls are closing in innen_oda, lol.
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    If you want to be a REAL pirate, go work on Wall Street.
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    Like the saying goes, "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank; give a man a bank and he can rob the world."
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    A reversed Russian reversal:

    In Communist Russia, you rob the bank.
    In Capitalist America, the bank robs YOU.
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    I don't need. WES already stated I have 138.5 graduate credits. University of Franklin and Cincinnati stated 90 graduate credits is doctorate level.

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