I qualified for honorary doctorate... Very Happy

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    That's only true if you took and passed actual doctoral classes. A student could get three 30 credit master's degrees, but that wouldn't equate to doctoral level studies in the U.S. system, it would just be 90 master's level credits. What they more than likely meant was that you have an equal or greater credit amount as a person who has completed credits through the doctoral level, but that's not the same thing as having doctoral level credit. Test it by applying to doctoral programs that only accept doctoral level credits and you'll quickly see the issue.
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    Undergraduate credits is for bachelor degree level. Graduate Credits is for masters and doctorate level.

    School of Computing in National University of Singapore (NUS), their terminal degree is PhD.

    Institute of Systems Science in National University of Singapore their terminal degree is Master of Technology degree.

    This is why Master of Computing degree from School of Computing is 40 Modular credits (1 year). Last time no bridging courses.

    This is why Master of Technology degree from Institute of Systems Science is 80 Modular credits (1 and 1/2 years)

    NUS modular credits is equivalent to US credits. Hence, Master of Technology has 80 graduate credits.

    They should make it Doctor of Technology but NUS is ranked 11 in QS, like Harvard and MIT in Singapore, so...

    I got in NUS while I completed by Executive MBA degree, but the Executive MBA degree is delayed and I have only exams left. NUS is my second masters degree.
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    I'll reiterate the fact that in the American higher education system there are two levels of graduate credit, Master's and Doctoral. They are not the same and that's despite there being a few schools that may accept some master's level credit toward a Doctorate.

    So as far as the American higher education system is concerned, if you didn't take Doctoral level classes, you don't have Doctoral level credit. I understand that you truly want this to be what you believe, but I'm sorry, it just isn't so in this system.
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    There are PhD and Professional Doctorate.
    PhD is research degrees, professional doctorate is more like applied degrees, some even no dissertation or projects. PhD is more difficult.

    For professional doctorate, you may take many masters level course until you get the doctorate degrees.

    There are people with two bachelor degrees. You can get double degrees in a four years, actually is transfer credits into two bachelor degrees in same university, double counted.

    Double masters degrees can also transfer credits into two masters degrees in a university, double counted.


    There are double master degree in same field from two university, credits transfer also.

    I have a masters degree from National University of Singapore and a Master degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University. I did not transfer credits into two master degrees and double counted, hence, I have many graduate credits.

    Anyway, if you want to tour Singapore, I have written a cookbook and Singapore Food Guide at svbook.com. While writing the recipes, I advertised Singapore food. I have not proofread the book though. Cooking do not need bachelor degree, diploma for 1 and 1/2 year is enough. Hence, when I learn cooking, I am fast. Diploma is undergraduate credits.
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    MBBS are not master degrees, they are bachelor degrees only. Many people may think they are masters degrees.

    Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (abbreviated in many ways, e.g. MBBS)

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    This is simply not true. You keep being told it's not true but you're not hearing it. Schools may allow you to transfer some Master's courses into your PhD or professional doctorate (EdD). They do not have to. They are not doctoral-level credits. They are Master's-level credits you are transferring into a doctorate degree.

    You cannot simply take two 30-credit Master's degrees and say "Because a PhD is 60 credits I now have a PhD" (or EdD or whatever.) They are different.

    Some schools even number them differently to make that clear:

    At Liberty University, Master's courses are numbered 600: https://catalog.liberty.edu/graduate/colleges-schools/behavioral-sciences/psychology/psychology-ms/psychology-ms-developmental-psychology/
    Doctoral courses are numbered 800 and up: https://catalog.liberty.edu/graduate/colleges-schools/behavioral-sciences/psychology/psychology-phd/psychology-phd-developmental-psychology/

    University of Washington's MA in Archaeology has courses from the 500-level to the 700-level: https://anthropology.washington.edu/ma-archaeological-heritage
    Their PhD in Archaeology requires the thesis to be completed with 800-level doctoral courses: https://anthropology.washington.edu/courses/2021/spring/anth/800/a
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    Having been enrolled in both PhD and EdD programs in my day, I disagree.
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    Speaking of which, Steve, are you still actively and currently pursuing a Ph.D. from U. Cumberlands? I can't help but notice that, although you still list it in your bio here on DI, you have dropped any mention of it on your LinkedIn profile and your web site . . .
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    Traditionally, surgeons in England not only tolerated but actually insisted upon being addressed as "Mister" so as not to be confused with mere physicians. An MD friend of mine years ago told me that "Physicians know everything and do nothing. Surgeons know nothing and do everything. Pathologists know everything and do everything but it's too late." SHE was a radiologist. :D
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    I remember learning about this and thinking about the weird class differences over time. Physicians back in the era when surgeons were barbers, thought that they were barbaric (pardon the pun), hacking away at patients instead of using their minds and medicine to treat patients. This article in the Encyclopedia of Medical History (you'll need to zoom in), goes into some detail https://archive.org/details/encyclopediaofme1985mcgr/page/30/mode/2up
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    I wish I could claim something similar for J.D. holding lawyers but for us, being "doctors" just sounds too silly. There's no ancient tradition or anything that I know of.
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    Well, there are countries that you just need a bachelor to be a lawyer. Thus, the ones that continue and receive a J.D. are called doctors.
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    Where might that be?
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    Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.
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    In the United States its not customary to call JD holders doctors. Its more like a glorified masters or first professional degree. The LLM is the masters degree which you need a JD or LLB to get. If you truly want to be called a doctor with a degree in the field of law you would need to study and obtain a JSD or SJD which is a Doctor of Judicial Science.
    The LLB is equivalent to the JD but they are required to get an additional degree which is the LLM in order to practice law in the United States, so that raises the question is the JD a second bachelors or glorified masters degree. I wouldn't personally consider it a "doctorate degree" it sits between "master's degree" and "doctorate degree"
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    The J.D. is a professional bachelor's degree exactly equivalent to the LL.B. but unlike the English LL.B. most American and Canadian law schools require a minimum of three years of pre-law college work. This is MY opinion, however, and does not reflect the positions of the ABA itself or of those law schools.
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    Incidentally, not to be picky, but all three Puerto Rican law schools confer the J.D. as the first professional degree.
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    You are right. I am not delusional, no worry, I look at evidences. NUS professional doctorate I am unsure. NUS PhD Computer Science at NUS:

    stated 12 MCs at 6000. 1 NUS course is 4 MCs, hence should be 3 courses at 6000

    Regarding 8 MCs at 5000 and 4 MCs at 4000, it is 3 courses

    After the 6 courses and some thesis, they can get a master of research.

    Then there will be a dissertation.

    The Master of Technology degree is 5000 and 4000, 80 MCs, around 20 courses

    Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering (Machine Learning) is software and complement MBA management degrees.

    Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics - hardware, will complement also.

    Machine Learning + MBA + Coursera Specialization Certificate in Statistics is great for Data Science.

    Master degree in Data Science will have some statistics modules, some machine learning modules and some business modules. The master degree Machine learning modules won't be as deep as Master degree in Machine Learning, business modules won't be as deep as Master of Business Administration.

    Data Science + Mechatronics is great for Internet of Things and Smart Nations.

    If I go get graduate diploma in mathematics (discrete maths, advanced or multivariate calculus, statistics) from University of London distance, it will be a bit too many degrees
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    I wanted to study university but my father asked me to go Polytechnic instead of Junior College. Junior College is to read A Level and Polytechnic is to read Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. A Level is easier to go into university because it is from University of Cambridge. Polytechnic diploma is a Singapore school, not known as well as University of Cambridge.

    After I graduated from Polytechnic in 2008, and I went to National Service (compulsory, 2008 to 2010), my father said no money to fund university, so, I searched how to study bachelor degree and found degreeinfo. At that time, I am local competition winner and international competition winner, one of the top in Polytechnic. I have QuillEdit Software at Sourceforge.net. But when I saw degreeinfo, there are many people having a few masters degrees, I am very behind, so I study...

    From degreeinfo, I know Aspen University $3600 MBA degree, ... Aspen University is DEAC accredited (last time DETC), NA. I chose Executive MBA degree from IGNOU and U21Global because it is RA. At degreeinfo, I know ECE evaluation and WES evaluation.

    I studied Bachelor degree from University of Portsmouth during National Service (2009 to 2010), while some friends study ACCA and some study driving license. I studied Executive MBA degree from U21Global and IGNOU because I need the degree, I started Boozedesign business in 2010. I get scholarship from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), but have to wait for 1 year, so I study Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics from A*STAR SIMTech while working under MIT professor in SUTD (2010 to 2011).

    After SUTD, I went to National University of Singapore to study Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering full time (2012 to 2013). I didn't use the scholarship from SUTD to study bachelor degree. Now I know that Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering is two Master of Computing degree from NUS.

    I am not the highest internationally, but not the worse internationally.

    U21Global is actually opened by Universitas 21, National University of Singapore is part of Universitas 21 also, U21Global is in Singapore. U21Global is online university, hence, U21Global may find degreeinfo also and offered U21Global and IGNOU joint Executive MBA degree in IT Management. U21Global Executive Certificate and IGNOU Executive MBA degree.

    While studying in NUS, U21Global went to Malaysia then become GlobalNxt University. Students of U21Global can select to get University of Melbourne MBA degree. My MBA degree from IGNOU is delayed and left exams while studying in NUS.

    Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering is evaluated by WES and ECE as 90 undergraduate credits, should be associate degrees in US. Associate degree is 60 undergrad credits. Diploma salary is $2000, bachelor degree is $3000, actually it is too big difference.

    When I work as Research Analyst at NTU, the Ranking never falled from 2015 to 2018.

    When I teach, I told my students they may write software and put on Sourceforge.net. I developed JABFR - Just Another Batch File Renamer to teach my students how to write Java software at Sourceforge. I developed YARET - Yet Another Regular Express Tool to teach my students how to write at Sourceforge.

    I have written
    • JAETL - Just Another ETL Tool to show students what is ETL.
    • YADBS - Yet Another Database Studio to help students in their Data Warehouse projects
    • WriterHelper to help students in writing report.

    I have also given students my books (optional so they will not be stressed)
    • A Quick Guides to Graphics and Design using GIMP
    • Data Mining with Weka and Java using Weka
    • A Quick Guide to Data Mining using Weka and Rapidminer
    • A Quick Guide to IoT with Arduino and Data
    • A Quick Guide to Java Programming for Text Mining and NLP
    • A Quick Guide to Data Science with Python

    I have also given students my Udemy courses (optional so they will not be stressed)
    • Learn Microsoft Excel Basics Fast
    • Learn Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel Basics Fast
    • Data Mining with RapidMiner
    • Create Your Calculator: Learn Python Programming Basics Fast (Python Basics)
    • Create Your Calculator: Learn R Programming Basics Fast (R Basics)

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