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    Hi all,

    I only have a GED, but have been interested in getting involved in the healthcare field for years now. I was hoping to find a program that is 100% online as I work FT and was also hoping for a certification/associates degree that would enable me to find a job in the healthcare field ASAP.

    Is this reasonable? My backround is payroll and benefits, so I was considering a HIT Associates to get my foot in the door, but am overwhelmed by all of the different schools!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best school for this? Are there any other Healthcare jobs that only require an Associates and have a high job growth percentage in the next 10 years?

    Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you :)
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    IMHO it's very difficult to say that one community college is substantially better than another unless it's just a matter of cost. You can narrow down your choices simply by going with a school that's close to home - in your state or an adjacent state. Don't pay more than you have to. Good luck.
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    Go to the CAHIIM website (they accredit HIT programs) and search for online programs. There aren't many to choose from. I think a practicum is usually required, so you'll have to make time for that.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook has a webpage for occupations in every field. In a simple chart, the website will show you the education requirements for various healthcare fields, number of job openings, and projected job growth.

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