I have completed my degree !!!!!!

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by codekiller, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. codekiller

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    Hello all !

    I have finally completed my degree at AIU it was a long journey and one of the best decision I ever made in my life ! AIU is a great school and I am proud to have graduated from there.

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  3. DaveHayden

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    Congrats on graduation!
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  5. uncle janko

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    Let me join Charles and Dave in congratulating a fellow-completer of an accredited degree. You will never need to bullshit or be belligerent about what you have done, or cover your tracks, or clamor for attention, or act out. Honorable achievement liberates; it does not exaggerate. Best wishes from an utter humanities nerd, who understands absolutely nothing of what you have studied, but readily consents to be impressed! Geluk!
  6. ncavac

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    :cool: :p
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    This is the best news of the day so far. As a fellow AIU (BIT) graduate I know it was not easy and well deserved.
    When are you starting your MS? CTU has the exact same format as AIU, down to their portal, mail, services, account, cybrary and cost :) Good Luck!!!!
  8. aic712

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    Congratulations and Good luck!

    I have heard good things about AIU, a few guys I work with went there, good luck in the future!
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  9. Congratulations!!

    Hey codekiller!
    As one fellow IT guy to another, congratulations big time on the completion of your fully accredited degree. I completely second Janko's opinions on this - you truly have something to be proud of, a major accomplishment in your life.

    I hope to some day soon be posting a similar note about my own degree completion. After twenty years of being out of school, I'm back at it again working on an MA and eventually PhD. These days, the more education you have the better in terms of keeping your job in the technology field.

    Best wishes and good luck!
    - Carl
  10. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    thanks everyone !

    I appreacate it a lot ! I would also like to say good to all of you in your programs. I have not been this happy in years i have wanted this bachelors for so long I cant believe I finally got it and from a good school couldnt ask for anything more ! I just cant wait till next week when i watch my graduation (al gore is the speaker ) and hopefully in a couple weeks I finally get to hold my diploma in my hands. thank you all agian !!!

    bachelors of information technology AIU class of 2004
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    Congratulations!!! that is great.
  13. tlamora

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    Congratulations and Best of Luck.

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  15. Oherra

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    Congrats Codekiller! I finish up myself in just about 6 weeks :) (darn them for making us take a one week break between quarters.

    I have enjoyed hearing your class experience, thanks so much for your contributions to my thread on AIU! Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do next.
  16. wfready

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    Good for you, Codekiller! Congrats!

    Best Regards,
  17. Bruce

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    It is awesome to hear all the recent success stories of our members.
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    Belated Congrats!
  20. leo

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    Belated Congrats!

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