I got accepted to Rutgers' Ed.D program, but what about the PhD in English?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by LittleShakespeare90, Mar 27, 2022.

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    Laurel was English!
  2. Johann

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    Why, so he was! Yes, Steve I remembered that - after I wrote in haste. Perhaps that was why "Stan" (Laurel) often had so much trouble understanding why "Ollie" (Hardy) did what he did - and why "Ollie" had to explain everything to him. And perhaps not. Oh well, at least those films were MADE in America - and half the starring duo was American.... and the cast...

    But my point stands. There were quite a few other American stars I saw on those Saturday mornings who taught American-style English to me and a zillion other British kids on weekends. And, as TV was quite rare in working-class UK in those days, (and I don't remember seeing any American programs at the neighbours') we kids AND our parents learned American English in the movie theatres in the evening, from Hollywood actors. I remember once, trying to talk like Robert Mitchum - not very successfully. I was about eight.

    I think we kids picked up American lingo easier than our parents. I can remember, very shortly after we got to Canada, my mother asked me what a "dime" was. She caught on pretty quickly, but retained her London accent all her life.
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    It works both ways! My fiancée and I are house shopping, and when she confused our realtor by referring to a "garburator" I told him that it's Canadian for 'garbage disposal'.
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    Congratulations on being accepted to both schools. Depending on the career you want each has its benefits. I must say Rutgers University is well recognized throughout the United States and is a Division one school for sports so most people know them.

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