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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Bruce, Oct 8, 2001.

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    I suppose one could receive their degree in either Rye, Wheat or Pumpernickle, or for those of us from the South--Biscuits or Cornbread! [​IMG]

  3. John Bear

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    Robert Frost spent a lot of time at Bread Loaf. Here's a very nice reminiscence by him (which also explains the name):

    Another contribution to the Food & Drink in Higher Education thread (isn't that what this is?) I was walking on the Berkeley campus today, where one of the real eyesores (my opinion) is the very large green marble building, on campus of stately grey buildings. The green monster is Soda Hall, named, needless to say, for Mr. Soda, who donated heavily.

    And while I'm rambling (again) . . . I wonder, at times, about the very strange monument on the Middlebury (home of Bread Loaf) campus that seems to make reference to experiments in overcoming the effect of gravity. I asked a few people when I was there a few years ago, but got no useful answers.
  4. Bill Hurd

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    Yes, but only if they were members of the Nutty Fruitcake Club and beat the Hasty Pudding Club at pancake tossing at least once in their college life.

  5. Bruce

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    If I donated a fortune to a school and had an odd name like Horatio Hossenpfeffer, I'd make part of the bequest instructions to NOT name the new structure after me, so I wouldn't be the brunt of student's jokes for ever more. Sort of like the library at a school I once attended, the Carmine Guglielmo Memorial Library. Fuhgeddaboutit!!!

  6. John Bear

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    Spy Magazine (I regret their passing) once did a wonderful prank, in which they had a law firm approach a number of Evangelical Christian colleges, saying they represented a very wealthy widow who was prepared to donate something like $100 million, if they would change the school name to hers: Rosenberg. None of them agreed, but all were willing to negotiate, such as to build or rename a "Rosenberg Hall" or even a "Rosenberg College" at the university.
  7. tcnixon

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    My choice would have been "The Rosenberg Center for Jewish Studies", but I'm guessing they wouldn't have liked that, either.

    Tom Nixon

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