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    According to Penn Foster, DETC imposes a rule that requires all students to have completed high school before earning their degree. Has anyone else heard of this? What's the regional accrediting bodies' stance on this?
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    I don't know how universal this is but below I've copied the application requirements for UMass.

    "Read your UMass Amherst application carefully and check the requirements twice.

    Application Requirements
    For a complete application you’ll need:

    The completed application form

    Your high school transcript (an official copy including your first term senior year grades)

    SAT-I or ACT scores


    Letters of recommendation

    Application fee
    Verification of english language proficiency for non-native speakers of english (see below)

    International student materials
    More in international students section

    Achievement tests are optional

    High School Course Requirements
    You will also need to meet certain high school unit requirements (remember, these are minimums): Four years of English, three years of college preparatory mathematics (Algebra II is a minimum requirement), two years of the same foreign language, three years of science (including two with a laboratory component), two years of social science including one course in U.S. History, and two electives from the above areas, arts and humanities, or computer science."

    This would seem to indicate that a HS diploma is a minimum requirement. It's possible that they might make an exception in certain specific cases but that is the standard.
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    I have seen colleges not require a high school transcript if you have done a certain number of credit hours at an RA college. But most, including community college do require a diploma or GED for entrance.
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    I completed high school (in the UK) but no diploma or other paperwork was ever issued. I just went on to college at age 15 years.

    In the USA one can usually get into college with no high school diploma or GED provided one is over a certain age. However you may be required to pass some academic tests.
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