How Not To Do It

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Fortunato, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Wow, what an idiot. From now and for the rest of his life, it will just take a HR person two minutes to Google his name, read this, and then toss his resume in the garbage...
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  3. NoEL

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    That's right.. Nowadays, HR department take some time to check somebody's background online. So better avoid those negative comments about yourself.
  4. NoEL

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    That's right.. Everybody should be cautious enough on the negatives comments that he/she is getting online. That would surely backfires later on..
  5. Chip

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    What's really sad is that the investment banks and the rest of Wall Street are full of self-absorbed jerks like Mr. Eakman.

    I would bet this this guy fully, in his heart-of-hearts, believes that his behavior was completely reasonable and that his demeaning and insulting tone was an appropriate way of communicating with people he probably considers inferior to him. I don't think he'd have posted the conversation to Facebook if he realized what a jerk it makes him look like.

    Does anyone remember the pretentious "Impossible is Nothing" video that some guy made while applying for jobs at investment banks? It made him a laughingstock, but I'm sure he eventually found some investment bank dumb enough to hire him in spite of his arrogance. And I'm afraid that this guy will probably end up working to rip off the average American as well some day.

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