How easy is it to buy a gun?

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    Here’s what I would want: a small, light handgun that fires those little tranquilizer darts. I don’t see myself wanting to actually kill anyone but I can easily imagine wanting to knock someone out - put them to sleep instantly - just stop them in their tracks. A small caliber bullet coated in some paralytic goop that would wear off in a few hours. I’d buy one of those weapons tomorrow. Could that sort of thing actually exist already?
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  3. decimon

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    The paralyzing agent must, as with a bullet, reach the central nervous system for a quick stop. And, as with a bullet, will sometimes kill.
  4. Kizmet

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    I don’t know, it always seemed to work for James Bond.
  5. airtorn

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    Does it need to shoot from a watch?
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    Does that cost more?
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    A long paper, Kizmet links to.

    Although they ask, thereafter combine all firearms, handgun, rifle, shotgun as "guns". I am confident it would make a big difference in some of the questions if the questions continued the distinction between the three types. For examples, hunting and range related questions.

    Although sounds the easiest, the most dangerous idea is "preventing people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns".
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    Why not just get a taser?
  9. Kizmet

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    Hmmm. That's cool but not as cool as a wristwatch tranquilizer gun.
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    So I talked to my mom's neighbor, a Sheriff by the name of Jerry. I explained the situation, and he pretty much told me not to worry about it. No big. I also asked the fellas at Turner's gun store and they said don't worry about it. I am going to proceed and buy me new gun, though it is not as easy as some say. Thanks for all the comments.

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