how do you train your employees?

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    Instead of creating a paper trail, our organization is looking for a software that would track our employee training. My boss heard that it's by far the most efficient way. How do you oversee and administer all training programs in your organization? Do you use a software to track employee training hours? Where can we get a reliable employee training tracking software? recommendations are welcome! Thanks
  2. Kizmet

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    Specific suggestions may depend on the nature of your business as many of these programs are industry-specific. What do you do?
  3. Neuhaus

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    We have an HRIS with an integrated training module. It's crazy efficient. Because it is integrated into the HRIS it also allows for some pretty cool, and dynamic record keeping.

    There is a place to track internal training which is added and approved by HR. There is also a place to track outside training which is input by the employee and approved by HR upon receiving documentation.

    That may sound like a lot of HR involvement but it works out pretty well. We have a training manager in HR who oversees the input of the employer provided training. And we have a records clerk who handles the external additions (they are surprisingly few). What I like about it is that I can view an employee record and all of their training appears right on a "training and education tab."

    The problem is that unless you guys are willing to completely implement a new HRIS (or add a module to your existing one if such a thing exists) then this isn't really an option. But I try to avoid standalone databases. Just from a data management perspective it is much more efficient for me to add a "Training" table(s) to our HRIS schema than to try to maintain separate databases for different purposes (i.e. payroll, employee records, training and professional development etc).
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    Skillsoft. When I was on active duty there were a bunch of courses we had to complete through Skillsoft. I'm sure it's pretty pricey but might work for you depending on your staff size and of course your budget. Implementing the HRIS solution noted by Neuhaus would be more ideal, but for a standalone process Skillsoft might work.

    I'm sure there are others.
  5. cofflehack

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    Thanks for posting guys! I asked my friends and one of them recommended this Verse Solutions software. It looks promising but I'll still check the ones you've suggested. I'll look for more too and do more research before I send my boss a proposal.

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