How can I finish? 170 + credit hours, no Bachelor's degree.

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    You need to start your own thread to get some attention... this thread is somewhat of a free for all!
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    How about the Senior level Spanish grammar course or another selection from the University of Arkansas? UAF Correspondence Course Offerings Cheap credit, respectable school, might get you finished up.
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    Thanks for your help! Great finds. I'll look over these and hopefully find my solution. I hadn't come across these before, so this is amazingly helpful.
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    Thanks!! That is cheap. Perfect.
    I see an online Advanced Spanish, but it sounds like it's 3rd year first semester. What do you think?
    I see an higher level print based Spanish. Maybe I'll try for both. Hm... I wish they started now, but summer would be good enough with as long as I've procrastinated. And I can afford $300 for a class. Great find.
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    My current plan is to cram Spanish videos and books like no other. I found some YouTube videos that are fairly advanced, so those might help. The last time I studied on my own, I read tons of Spanish books. They were at a lower level, so hopefully these more advanced Spanish videos will be the ticket. And, the Open Course classes I ordered some books from so I can follow the syllabi.

    And, I'll keep looking at the classes mentioned. The cheap school isn't offering upper level Spanish online this summer, and it didn't offer it this semester. I've e-mailed UofArk to see what my options and timelines with them are, and plan to do the same with the other universities. UofW (I think it is) I could start anytime, but it's more expensive. I'll have to reexamine all the course options.

    I found a number of online placement tests to take. I'm going to plan to study 40+ hours a week, then take a placement exam every week. Once I start placing into the right exam, I'll plan to take the NYU or other proctored exam.

    A few months of studying and trying to finish this degree isn't the end of the world. I can always transfer to the "big 3" like you guys said.

    And, I don't want to (can't) cough up another $30,000+ to transfer to a b&m school, so I guess studying based on Advanced Spanish class syllabi is worth a try.
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    I believe the U of Ark classes are self paced and begin whenever you are daughter was up and running in 1 week, mid semester.

    Checked it, you can apply anytime, up and running in around 1 week you have 6 months to finish with an additional six months available.

    Find the two or three courses you like....send them to your home school for approval in your program. As soon as that's back sign up and bust out the course....they let you finish in as little as 6 weeks. Voila' your done.

    Good Luck, get crackin.....
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    You're welcome! Let us know how you make out.

    BTW, I would suggest you try studying and then CRUSH the AP exam. I'm guessing that the exam is pretty cheap, so what do you have to lose? If you don't get a "5", at least you will have refreshed your Spanish knowledge and will be better prepared to complete a 6th sem course. Also, you may want to consider hiring a Spanish tutor.
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    Great! I hope you can come back in a few months and tell us that you are a degree-holder from your original school. Speaking for myself, I love hearing success stories and that is why I give advice (my kids say it's because I'm nosy) but would love to hear if it works for you.
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    But it's in May, you'd have to hurry. But, it's only $80 :) It does require a lot of writing too, but I'm with Japhy, go for it! No age limit on AP, that's a myth, you'll just have to call around until you find a HS willing to let you sign up.
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    I agree with the others but have to throw out there....why don't you find a tutor to work with you throughout that last language course??? Might be worth the money you will pay for them if they help you complete the class and finish your degree.
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    One thing to add, make sure that your school will accept credit from the exam or class you take. If it is an in person Spanish class at a university you shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, if it is an exam (like the NYU proficiency test) or an online course they might not accept it. CHECK FIRST.

    Just so you know, I was in almost the EXACT SAME SITUATION AS YOU. In my case, the language was French and it was the only thing keeping me from graduating. I finally found a school that had the French courses I needed and took them there. I was also tempted to transfer my credits from my more prestigious university to somewhere else just to graduate. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DIDN'T DO THAT!! You paid for a top tier private university education, you should get a top tier private university degree. Keep at it and you will find a solution.
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    I have nt read every post in this thread but my suggestion is that you obtain two degrees from the big three schools.

    With 170 units you could put 120 towards the first degree then put another 30 towards a second bachelor degree. Of course this path depends on what your credits are in as your second degrees must be in separate fields than the first. For example I have a BSLS from Excelsior and was working towards a second BS in Natural Science from TESC.

    A degree from one of the big three will be accepted by most employers and grad schools without question.
  14. ooo

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    Thanks, I'm hoping I can self-study somehow. If not, I can just transfer. I don't have much time left to finish the program, I'm afraid. I think I would regret not at least trying to learn Spanish to get the original degree. Boy did I pay for that degree (and will be for the next few decades, ouch!!!).

  15. ooo

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    I've been self-studying and having an online tutor for questions.

    I think I'm understanding Spanish better now, but worry I'm not a a high enough Spanish level.

    If I can just past the school's test, I'm golden. Otherwise... :/

    I'm going to try another few months. Been trying so long already that I might as well.
    I had no luck with online Spanish classes being able to transfer, but I did get tons of books, audio programs, videos, and all sorts of material. I can't say I've studied half as much as I wanted to. I have such a mental block with this... just thinking about Spanish stresses me out. It's been such a road block for years now.
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    The test that your school offers, what is its format? Does it have a spoken component? Does it have a listening component? Is it all written? Is it computer based?

    If you are dealing with a test that has no speaking or listening component, one recommendation I have is to go through as many exercise books as you possibly can. Get your mind adjusted to answering questions. My university had two different types of language proficiency tests. Which one you took depended on which school you were in. If you were in the School of Foreign Service, you took a test that involved an extensive spoken interview. If you were in any of the other schools (like I was). The test you took was computer based multiple choice.

    I spent a bunch of time trying to learn how to speak French, but that was COMPLETELY useless when taking the computerized exam. The test was basically 100% grammar and vocabulary testing. My time would have been better spent (if my only goal was to pass the test, not speak the language) just drilling with workbooks.

    If you have a similar test, here are some workbooks that may help you. There are many more on Amazon.

    Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice with CD-ROM,Second Edition (UItimate Review & Reference Series): Ronni Gordon,David Stillman: 9780071744188: Books

    The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice (UItimate Review & Reference Series): Ronni Gordon,David Stillman: 9780071416733: Books

    The "Practice Makes Perfect" series by McGraw Hill would also be very useful.
    Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar,2nd Edition (Practice Makes Perfect Series): Gilda Nissenberg: 9780071763431: Books

    Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect Series): Gilda Nissenberg: 9780071775403: Books

    Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Spanish Grammar: Rogelio Vallecillos: 9780071472685: Books

    The series also includes a ton of other workbooks that focus on specific areas of grammar like:
    Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Irregular Verbs Up Close (Practice Makes Perfect Series): Eric Vogt: 9780071718080: Books

    Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions,Second Edition: Dorothy Richmond: 9780071739177: Books

    and many more.

    For test like the one I described, the best course of action (IMHO) is to follow the Big Oil Companies advice and Drill Baby, Drill.

    Good luck.

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