Honor degree equivalent of US's GPA grades?

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    Anyone has any idea of how a US degree is classified compared to a UK direct honor degree grading system? As most US degree has no direct honor degree, i want to know what's the GPA grade for each class of honor degree it belongs to.

    Upper 1st Class honor = ??? GPA
    Upper 2nd Class Honor = ??? GPA
    Lower 1st Class Honor = ??? GPA
    Lower 2nd Class Honor = ??? GPA

  2. Steve King

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    Universities in the United States typically award Latin Honors to graduates based on final cumulative grade point averages (GPA). The problem is that there are variations regarding which GPA qualifies for each of the three distinctions. In general, though, they are 3.5 or higher for cum laude, 3.65 of higher for magna cum laude, and 3.8 or higher for summa cum laude. However, some US universities base the award of Latin Honors on a student’s ranking in class (e.g., top one percent of students are awarded summa cum laude).

    It appears that many European universities award “class” based on grades. The following formula appears common:
    A+ = High Fist Class
    A = Middle First Class
    A- = Lower First Class
    B+ = High Second Class
    B = Middle Second Class
    B- = Lower Second Class

    Latin Honors equate to a High (or Middle) First Class, but no lower. Maybe others from “across the pond” can provide more clarity.


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