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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    If the Catholic Distance University (CDU) achieves HCL accreditation; it would be a horrible name as "Distance" in the name. Since the university moved from Virginia to West Virginia; the school should be renamed as Charlestown Catholic University or Charlestown University (sounds like Georgetown University) or one of the religious saint names.
  2. Acolyte

    Acolyte Active Member

    It's funny to me to see "PhD" and Franklin University mentioned together. I'm from Columbus, and Franklin has a pretty good local/regional reputation - mostly as a business or technology school, and it has kind of a niche for "working adults" - it always has, even way back when it was a small, unaccredited business college with night classes. I thought it was interesting that they offered the DPS in Instructional Design, and even considered it as a "someday" possibility - but Franklin has always seemed to be more of an "applied knowledge" type of school, almost like a sophisticated trade or tech school, and a PhD program, especially in ID seems a bit...strange. The DPS already seems like a rather unusual offering, but it seems to go along with their "applied knowledge" type of approach. A PhD? Seems to be a stretch. I'm not sure what else they could call it, though. The DPS is probably too esoteric of a title to attract the clientele they might want, and a PhD is still the "gold standard" doctorate. I suppose they could come up with something like a "Doctorate of Applied Science" - but unless it's a PhD or an EdD, you are still going to be looking at an unusual degree title, and they don't have the appropriate curriculum for an EdD. Maybe a DSc (Doctor of Science)?
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  3. Dustin

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    I don't agree. It's a Catholic university that delivers their programs by distance. Catholic Distance University (CDU). I might not want my degree to advertise that I earned it online, but then I graduated Athabasca which is explicitly an online school, and I'm attending Quantic which is too.
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  4. chrisjm18

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    He should get a job where he is in charge of naming schools. The number of times Tekman has proposed a name change for various schools is uncountable at this point lol
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    I like your contributions TEKMAN, but chrisjm18 has a point. You do have very strong opinions on college names lol.

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    If it didn't bother them back when there was a significant stigma against distance learning, there's surely no reason for it to bother them now.

    Besides, most people who've ever actually heard of Charles Town probably think of the racetrack and casino.

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