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    My wife is from Germany, RIESA to be exact. She went to a B&M college for her Associates and is not in TESC. As I recall she had some international transcript service translate her education documents for evaluation by her schools.

    She is at work now, but I can have her message you later if you like?

    Let me know, as she has been there and done that- ;)
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    Yes recruitin, thanks. I wait for your mesage
  3. Ted Heiks

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    American School www.americanschoolofcorr.com
    Brigham Young University HS http://ce.byu.edu/is/site
    Cambridge Academy www.cambridgeacademy.com
    CHOICE2000 Online Charter School www.choice2000.org
    Christa McAuliffe Academy www.cmacademy.org
    Chrysalis School www.chrysalis-school.com
    Citizens' HS www.citizenschool.com
    Clonlara School Compuhigh www.clonlara.org/compuhigh.htm
    CCS Web Academy - North Carolina's Virtual HS www.ccswebacademy.net
    Electronic HS www.ehs.uen.org
    Florida Virtual School www.flvs.net
    Futures International HS www.internationalhigh.org
    Home Study International www.hsi.edu
    Indiana University HS http://scs.indiana.edu
    Internet Home School www.Internethomeschool.com
    James Madison HS www.jmhs.com
    Keystone National HS www.keystonehighschool.com
    Laurel Spring School www.laurelsprings.com
    Milwaukee Area TC www.milwaukee.tec.wi.us
    University of Missouri Columbia HS http://cdis.missouri.edu/MUHighSchool
    University of Nebraska Lincoln HS http://dcs.unl.edu/ishs
    North Dakota Department of Public Instruction www.dis.dpi.state.nd.us
    Northstar Academy www.northstar-academy.org
    Phoenix Special Programs and Academies www.phoenixacademies.org
    Richard Milburn HS www.rmhs.org
    Seton Home Study School www.setonhome.org
    University of Texas Austin HS www.utexas.edu/cee/dec/uths/diploma.shtml
    Texas Tech University HS www.dce.ttu.edu
    Thomson HS www.educationdirect.com
    Vance-Granville CC www.vgcc.cc.nc.us
    Virtual HS www.virtualhighschool.com
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    By the way, you would do yourself a great favor by dropping in at www.amazon.com and buying yourself copies of Mariah Bear and Tom Nixon's _Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning_ and Tom Nixon's _Bears' Guide to Earning High School Diplomas Non-Traditionally_.
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    Nice list. I looked at a lot of these before enrolling my son. I'm not sure if it matters to anyone, but some of the schools on this list are nationally accredited, not regionally. I'm not normally one to care, but depending on what you intend to do with the diploma, you may want to stay with the regional accreditation. Some are also quite expensive compared to the others.

  6. Ted Heiks

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    Actually - Penn Foster is $900 for the high school program, if you pay it all up front, otherwise it is $950 or $995 (depending on your payment plan). It is $15 for an transcript evaulations.

    My best friend is going through the program and I am helping, as much as is needed, so did lots of legwork in the research in what program to go with. I also have helped over the past month or so with studying and stuff. Here is my two cents:

    1. They accept transfer credits - but you still have to pay for the entire program, they only waive the requirement for the classes, not the tuition associated with it. It is nice though to have some classes waived.
    2. The classes are step up very well, they have 3-7 mini books for one class. With a test at the end of each. This makes it eaiser to understand smaller chuncks of material.
    3. The phone and e-mail services is great, they respond within a day (most of the time within an hour) - phone is better than e-mail in my opinion. The only bad part is that customer support has nothing to do with what materials are online, and there is a disconnect - there is no one to talk to about the website, so you just have to wait for the material in the mail sometimes - which slows down the classes.
    4. The online instructor help is a nice feature, they will give you feedback and even refer to page numbers in the text.
    5. The website is nicely set up - easy to see what has been sent, what payments are due, online exams, online study materials.
    6. The grading curve is higher than most typical classes. For example, a 91 is a B, not an A. It is not a huge problem, but just be ready to real ace material to get that A.
    7. They do an intro class up front and "test" on how their website works, how the program works, how to get help, etc. This seemed corny to me at first, but has really helped to know how to get information now. It really made good sense.
    8. There are very easy classes up front, but as you go, the material is harder. There are a bunch o f English classes required - the first is super easy, what is a noun, etc. But you need that as the foundation for the writing portion of the next class. Set up very chonological....

    That is the good and the bad so far... I can't think of anything else, if there are any particular questions, please feel free to ask, I have a source that can answer, and some things I know too.
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    Ok, I'll forward this thread to her.

    Good luck,
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    Hello Isabella!
    What do you want to do with the Associate Degree in Business Management? Do you want to use it in Germany? This point is important!

  10. isa53359

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    Yes, I want to use in Germany. Is any problem?
  11. mintaru

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    The Associate's degree is not well known in Germany.

    Yes, there is a problem!
    It's the utility of an Associate's degree on the German job market! This degree, or something comparable, is unknown in the German higher education system. Therefore it's also unknown to very most German employers and that's really a major disadvantage for you if you need a new job. An American Bachelor's degree is much more recognized! I suggest you should go on after the Associate's degree to get also a Bachelor's degree.

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    Thank you Mintaru for your good information. I would like to make directly a bechelor, but I don`t know if works without High School Diploma.
    I would like to make a bachelor of science degree in Healthcare Management. That becouse I am in Germany a Geriatric Nurse since 1999 and I have the posibility to become a job as a Director of Nursing. Who can help with information.
    I have:
    10th grade
    Vocational School: Toolmaker (study 2 years)
    Certificate: Geriatric Nurse (study 2 years, total 3000 hours, 100 credits)

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    My wife sent you a private message. Check your message box.

    Good Luck!
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    Sorry recruiting, but I don`t have any privat messeges. I have checked my message box.
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    Great info

  16. Ted Heiks

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    Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning lists the following bachelor's degrees in health services administration by distance learning.

    Baker College www.baker.edu (BG15, 99)
    Bellevue University www.bellevue.edu (BG15, 99)
    California College for Health Sciences www.cchs.edu (BG15, 100)
    University of Central Florida http://distrib.ucf.edu (BG15, 135)
    Clarkson College www.clarksoncollege.edu (BG15, 105)
    Empire State College www.esc.edu (BG15, 110)
    George Washington University www.gwu.edu (BG15, 112)
    Graceland College www.gracelandoutreach.net (BG15, 160)
    Mary Baldwin College www.mbc.edu/adp (BG15, 162)
    Mountain State University www.cwv.edu (BG15, 123)
    Ottawa University www.ottawa.edu (BG15, 166)
    Rochester Institute of Technology http://distancelearning.rit.edu (BG15, 129)
    Saint Joseph's College www.sjcme.edu (BG15, 170)
    Thomas Edison State College www.tesc.edu (BG15, 133)
    Weber State University www.weber.edu (BG15, 184)
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    Ok, here goes, allow me to paste this note from my "sent box":

    Sprichst Du Deutsch? Ich nehme mal an, dass Du deutsch redest. Ok, hier ist was ich damals gemacht habe, als ich in die USA kam. Ich hatte einen 12-Jahres Abschluss in Deutschland und bin gleich am College angenommen worden (fuer ein Associates) aber die wollen sehen, dass Du einen gewissen Geldbetrag auf dem Konto hast (weiss nicht wie das fuer online learning ist) Da brauchst Du vielleicht gar kein mindest Geldbetrag. Aber mit zehn Jahresabschluss in Deutschland (oder Rumanien) koenntest Du gleich mit einem Associates anfangen. Wer hat Dir gesagt, dass Du ein High School Diploma brauchst? Auf's College bin ich gekommen, mit einer Uebersetzung von einer Amerikanischen Uebersetzungfirma (gehe zu yellowpages.com und guck translators nach, rufe an oder email denen, ob die High School diplomas uebersetzen (dein 10-Jahres abschluss gilt als High School Diploma hier)) Sende es denen, mich hat es damals 80Dollars gekostet. Das brauchst Du fuers College.
    Emaile mir doch einfach mit Fragen:

    Bis dahin :)
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