Here Comes Victor Town University

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  1. Derina

    Derina Member

    Got an email today:
    We are pleased to inform, that you have been selected as a recipient of our Halloween Financial Aid Program 2017 by Victor Towns University’s Scholarship Committee.

    Victor Towns University is an accredited institution under the policies of Education Department - USA, offering an online and on campus education at 3325 Marvin Sands, NY 14424, USA
  2. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    The only Victor Towns University I've heard of was an Axact clone.
  3. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Congratulations, what luck!! :lmao:
  4. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

    The only mention of this thing that I could find on the internet was a Facebook page. That in turn provided a .ac url (Ascension Islands) that didn't work.

    New York State runs a very tight ship regarding who can and can't award degrees from New York addresses. I didn't see any mention of this thing on their list of authorized institutions.

    Regents Institutional Accreditation
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  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    That's what you get in your plastic pumpkin, for trick-or-treating in bad neighbourhoods, Heirophant! Exactly how much cold, hard cash are they offering? I say - take the cheque - but only if it's certified. :laugh:

  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    There is a website: Victor Towns University. As Mbwa Shenzi notes, it definitely looks like Axact's work. Checked Whois. More danged privacy screens than the CIA, or Kim Jong Un's Bureau 91 (Government-trained hackers). No clues there. Site registered about a year ago. Yes, .ac is the country code for Ascension Island, but there's some debate out there. Other posters say that it's mostly just a fake Commonwealth-orbit .ac (academic) and there is no connection whatsoever to Ascension Island.

    Like cockroaches, these critters will outlast us all, by thousands of years. They will eat from nuclear waste dumps - and still reproduce.

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  7. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I had a look at Victor Towns U's PDF brochure. Some text is identical with other stellar, known Axact "schools" - e.g. Waxen U., Baytown U., Anchor Point U., Kennedy U., Hill U., and Grant Town U. among them. Yeah - I checked...

    Holy pandemics, Batman! It's an Axact infestation! Call the exterminators! Oh, right -- you ARE the Exterminator.
    Just another Axact day in Karachi-town. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along....

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  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Oops. Sorry, heirophant. Sorry, Derina. I mis-attributed Derina's quote, saying it was heirophant's. Apologies to both posters.

  9. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    It's an Axact clone alright, and I doubt it's anywhere near 3325 Marvine Sands Drive in Canandaigua, which happens to be the address of a campus of Fingerlakes Community College.
  10. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    "Halloween Financial Aid Program"?

  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    The Registrar is the guy in the duck costume. The Chancellor is wearing the clown outfit. Wednesdays, they switch.

  12. RAM PhD

    RAM PhD Member

    Their accreditation statement reads, "Our offered programs are accredited from top reputed accrediting bodies. So our students study without any stress."

    Which accrediting bodies?

    Wonderful to study with no stress.
  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    RAM, if you had read the accreditation page, you'd have seen that Victor Towns U. claims accreditation from the following five bodies:

    • Universal Accreditation Consortium of Engineering and Technology
    • Global Accreditation Council for Distance Education
    • Gulf Consortium of Higher Education
    • European Board of Business and Management
    • Pan African Board for Computer Science.

    These "accreditors" all have websites and can be reached from links on the Victor Towns accreditation page. They ALL have the typical appearance of Axact-generated sites and I'm not wasting any more time on them. If you want to, go ahead. I think I'm done, here.

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