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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by toa, Jul 13, 2012.

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    i was looking up at the project management courses in the bay area..any views or ideas on which one is the best amongst the lot?? i have more than 5 years of work experience in India and currently on H4.. and i am just looking at some courses which will help me get a job opportunity here.. any help on this one ?

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    Since this is a distance learning board we don't generally worry too much about where the courses come from. That's the whole idea. The most often cited DL cert program in project management comes from Vanderbilt. Google will show the way.
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    Another PM option:

    American Academy of Project Management® (AAPM)
    AAPM Certified Project Manager .org AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management Association Institute International Training Certifications Designations Credentials Project Managers Agile Communications Procurement Human Resources Project Risk CIPM

    AAPM’s West Coast Chapter is UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley and offers PM certification options in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. (UCSC Extension is WASC accredited through the University of California-Santa Cruz).
    Project and Program Management Course Schedule | UCSC Extension Silicon Valley
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    Thank you for reaching out.. can you tell me how good are Project management certification courses offered by UC Berkley- extension, Standford and Devry ?
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    Green Bay, Tampa Bay, San Fran Bay,...which bay?
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    San Fran bay
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    Please forgive me, Kizmet, but Vandy doesn't really do DL. Perhaps you were thinking of Villanova, and more information can be seen at on the web.
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    SJSU has a masters degree in quality assurance that might fir your needs.
    I have a MS in Quality Assurance (from CSUDH) and the content of that degree certainly helped me perform as a program engineer and program manager. I don't know how similar these two degrees are but the CSUSH is available through distant learning.

    Also there are plenty of job opportunities in quality assurance in the USA with good salaries.

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