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    Dear All,

    It has been a long time since i last posted in this forum and i don't know whether it's a good place to post it. Anyway, I will just post it and see if anyone can help or interested.

    I am from Singapore and am currently working in Shenzhen, China and had recently started a Business School with some of the partners while in China. My school is currently conducting short courses which is in high demand at the moment focusing mainly on Finance related programs, like Forex trading etc...which normally last for 4 days (32 hours). My school is currently in collaboration with Wuhan University to issue the Certificate/Diploma in Forex after completion. It is a non-degree program, non-credit bearing for those students who are interested to learn how to trade Forex or even those who is interested to be a trader. I am currently looking for some Vocational Schools, Colleges or even Universities in States which i can link to if i want to conduct the same Forex course in my school, but issue the Certificate or Diploma from the Alma Maters from the United States or with validation under jointed names. (I am looking into issuing credit bearing course, if possible). My school will be looking to offer degree programs in future if i am able to find the right Universities to work with. I would appreciate if there are any professors or anyone who has the connection or is interested in these joint-partnership to contact me directly for further discussion. Investors are welcome too!
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Sorry, I do not have any connection since I am not in the academia. However, I would recommend you contacting those American colleges/universities have a branch campus in China. Since some school might have a license by the Government of China issuing out Certificate. New York University in Shanghai, which maybe they can partnership with your school through their School of Professional Studies (SPS). Online Offerings Also, Kean University Graduate Programs - Kean Online
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    Thanks Tekman for your recommendation. I took a look at their website but they do not have what i am looking for, but thank you anyway. Cheers!

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