Help Needed on Study Plan???

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by kozen, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. kozen

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    As i will be applying for Government Scholarship to finance my MBA. They require me to write a "Study Plan" of 1000 words but didn't specify what topic or things i shall write. Does anyone has any idea what's include in the study plan?

    Is it reasons of choosing China over other Countries?
    Why this University?
    Why MBA in Finance?
    Plan after Graduation?

    Cos as this is very important to me, i do hope that members in this forum who has experience in this help me.

    I have came out with 2 Study Plans so far, but do not know which one is good for submission and would need advices badly. I will forward to you or post it here if memebers here are willing to help.

    Any better suggestions will be very much appreciated.
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  2. BlueMason

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    Are you able to contact the governing body and find out what exactly they require, perhaps even provide you with an example?
  3. kozen

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    No. it's very difficult to contact them, not to say asking for a sample. It's very difficult to get things done in China, especially things are not so specify. So i will have to ask for help here.

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