Help me find school !! DBA ,D.M ,Ph.d

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    Hi everyone ,
    I am recent MBA / marketing graduate from Strayer University my GPA is 3.80 .I'm so passion about Business field I decided to go for Doctorate and I have been looking for doctorate program for a while but I failed to find the right school :crying:!!! what I am looking for is program program in business like DBA , DM , and Ph.d as long its partime or weekend class and have some residency ,I found quit bit programs but the problem is they are asking for atleast 10 years of managerial experiences which i don't have Iam 28 years old and i have about 4 years work experience .and they only admitted executives and CEOs to their program .

    I'm not really looking for high ranked school but something respectful , any school as long it's regionally accredited COST under 50K and( not for profit ) nothing like the following Kaplan University ,University of Phoenix ,Walden University,NorthCentral University ,argosy university .

    Here are some of the program I found I want to share them with you ,but most of them asking for atlest 5 years Managerial experience , please if you know any program that has the fare admission criteria specially in NY ,PA,NJ ,DE,MD please share with us :

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore - PH.D Organizational Leadership
    Metropolitan State University -DBA
    walsh college - DBA
    anderson university -DBA
    Nova Southeastern University -DBA
    Alvernia University - Ph.d Leadership
    george washington university - ELP
    lawrence tech university - DBA
    Eastrn University - Phd.leadership
    wilmington university - DBA
    indiana university of pennsylvania - Ph.D. in Administration and Leadership Studies
    university of maryland university college - DM
    webster university - DMgt
    north carolina university - DrPH
    The University of Texas at Tyler -Ph.D. in Human Resource Development
    university southern mississippi -PhD - International Development
    Valdosta State University - DPA
    Indiana state university - Ph.D. in Technology Management
    bellevue university -- Ph.D. in Human Capital Management
    pace university - DPS
    kansas state university - phd financial planning.

    Thanks You .
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    Indiana Tech program will be in the list . ten days from now i will make new list where i will list the best program base on the Cost ,accreditation & convince upon members suggestion.
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    southern new hampshire university - DBA .
    university of south alabama - DBA.
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    I think you may have to revise your price-point a little bit for business Doctorate - $50K is on the low-end and I would be willing to bet it will be very hard for you to find such a program if you keep to your listed convenience criteria.
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    you are right truckie , there are only few programs under 50 k ,you can list any program over 50k , just make sure you list the cost . thanks for sharing .
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    The list below is dated. There
    are a few schools that may meet your needs.

    UNISA 100s Doctorate s (World Ranking 1219) <$7,500
    South African Theological Seminary Doctor of Philosophy in Theology $9,600
    Stellenbosch University PHD Economics (World Ranking 538) <$10,000
    Valdosta State University D PA $12,150
    New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, (NOBTS - Welcome), $13,800
    Talbot School of Theology, (Talbot School of Theology) D.Min $14,000
    Georgia Southern University Doctor of Nursing Practice $14,400
    Ashland Theological Seminary, (Ashland Theological Seminary), D.Min, $14,895
    New Mexico State University PhD Curriculum and Instruction $15,000
    Swiss Management Center Doctor of Business Administration $15,000
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) D.Min, $15,900
    St Mary's University PHD Management 15month May-June in classroom $16,200
    University of Memphis Doctor of Education $16,704
    Fuller Theological Seminary, (Fuller Theological Seminary) D.Min, $17,520
    United States Sports Academy Doctor of Education $17,480
    Amridge University Doctor of Ministry in Family Therapy $17,800
    Virginia Commonwealth University (PhD) Doctor in Health Related Science $18,050
    Lesley University PhD in Educational Studies $19,125
    Griffith University PHD-Business $20,000
    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Doctor of Education $20,400
    Anderson University DBA $22,050
    Leicester University Doctor of Social Studies $22,682
    University of South Florida PHD Education $24,600
    Liberty University Doctor of Education $25,500
    Oral Roberts University Doctor of Education $25,500
    Northeastern University Doctor of Education $25,530
    Texas A & M University PhD in Educational Psychology $28,380
    University of Wales Doctor of Business Administration $29,200
    University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Doctor of Education 29,205
    Indiana State University PhD Technology Management $29,520
    Dakota State University DSc in Information Systems $29,660
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    The Grenoble DBA is also an option; however, it does require short residencies. Graduates are now on tenure track at numerous AACSB schools. The school is accredited by AACSB, EQIS, and AMBA.

    DBA Program - Grenoble Ecole de Management
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    Will be interesting to see USA's DBA program and its cost. Hopefully other AACSB schools will join them in a few years from now.
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    OKYDD ,Thanks for your efforts ,We are looking for school in U.S. only .
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    Truckie , would you please tell us about Valdosta State University - DPA program since you are student there ,is it true the total cost for the program is 8,000 !!! how many student in the cohert ? is good fit for MBA gradute ?how is residency schedule ? is the program highly selective ? do i need need over 10 years work experince to get in the program ? Thank you for share the info with us
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    Also not in the u.s but is budget friendly is Almadinah Internatitonal University. You can earned an accredited PHD in accounting, finance, management, and economics for under us$10,000.
    Al-Madinah International University » Fees For Ph.D
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    I just wish the people at Almadinah Internatitonal University responded to email. Out of curiosity, has anyone else had more luck with that than I did?
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    I used the online chat function while on the Al-Madinah International University and found them very responsive to basic questions, like tuition fees and degrees offered, but unresponsive to more complex questions. The price is certainly attractive. At roughly $5,000, Al-Madinah is on par with UNISA's fees.

    As I searched their website, I came across this statement, which makes me think Al-Madinah is not entirely online for their research-only PhD programs. "Candidates must note that they are required to spend a certain amount of time at the University. The candidate should be in face-to-face consultation with his supervisors and interact with them, and must familiarize him/herself with University facilities and resources." The link to this statement is: Al-Madinah International University » Postgraduate programmes by research. It's in the notes section closer to the bottom of the page.

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