Help me find school !! DBA ,D.M ,Ph.d

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    For less money than Regent I would look at Tennessee Temple university PhD in leadership.
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    I think a lot of people will find the $20,550 total cost of Tennessee Temple University very appealing and the one-time five-day residency shouldn't be too much trouble for most people. However, their TRACS accreditation makes the degree less versatile than a regionally accredited degree from a school like Regent. I also wonder if a degree in "leadership" might seem light on academic rigor to some potential employers.

    More information is available at:
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    A regionally accredited alternative is Johnson University. The tuition is roughly $25K; $400/hr x 60 plus a $200 annual student fee. The program is 100% online; no residency required. The first cohort starts next week. I believe they intend to start a new cohort in January and August each year. If interested, I would apply early. I was told they had about 20 applicants for this first cohort and I only see 14 of us enrolled in class. I do not know if people were denied admission, delayed (till August), or decided not to enter the program? Although, the student handbook states a optimum number in a cohort is 12-14?

    Johnson University - Ph.D.
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