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    Hey, everyone! How are you doing? I'm glad to be part of this forum. As a newbie, I'd like to first have a very short intro. I am Aerielle and the reason why I joined this forum is to be able to get more ideas about MBA which I am dreaming about for 10 years already. I had my chance before but I lost it when I got pregnant. When you become a mother, most of your personal priorities will change, agree? Anyway, I am thinking about it again but I don't if it is kinda late for me to take it. So, will go through with the discussions here and let's see if I will be inspired to push through with some of your great advices. Thanks!
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    Hello, and welcome to the site!

    When you're ready to jump in, make a post in the General DL section about what attributes you're looking for (price, accreditation, format, etc.), and you'll get much useful information.

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