Hello everybody. I'm a new Italian UNISA student

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  1. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy New Member

    Mamma mia! I'm excited to write on this forum.
    First of all I say hello to everybody. Exactly, in 2011 I will start my "Diploma in Civil Engineering" at UNISA (University of South Africa).
    I finished my studies in Italy in the far 1994 and I'm extremely ignorant in the field of DL and University Courses. Please forgive me if I will write non-sense things and specially, forgive me for my awful english. I have a couple of question:
    - I have read in this forum that a UNISA degree is not the best for employers. Right. In your opinion, will I be able, after the UNISA Diploma to get the Bachelor from another American or Australian University? Will they accept it?
    - My idea is to start with MAT181Q (Math 1). Where can I find study materials and old exams?

    Thanks everybody

  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Rudy - I believe that typically the study materials are supplied to you.
    (from the UNISA FAQ)

    "Can you tell me more about the despatch of study materials?

    When you register, you will be asked to indicate how you want your study materials to be sent to you. They can either be posted or couriered to you (at no extra cost). You must make this decision and indicate your choice clearly on your registration form.

    The postage option is that in which the South African Post Office will deliver your study material by registered mail to a Post Office closest to you. The Post office will notify you by SMS or a note sent to your home address to indicate at which branch your study material can be collected. This option normally takes an average of 5 days (depending on where it is being sent to).

    The courier option is where the study material parcel is delivered to a physical address of your choice, during office hours (ie. between 08h00 and 16h00). This option takes on average about 2 days for the material to reach you. If you select the courier option, you must provide a physical address where the package can be delivered. Please note that this rule applies only to the first package of study material. Subsequent information, such as tutorial letters, which you will receive during the course of the year will be sent via the South African Post Office.

    Once registered, you may also obtain your study material on CD - free of charge - at specific Unisa offices. You may, of course, also register on myUnisa and access your study material online."

    Also, I have no reason to believe that old exams are available through any source. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I suggest you do a bit more exploration of the UNISA website if you intend to register and complete a course of study at that school.
  3. I would suggest that if you are interested in applying to an Australian university at some stage, just contact them directly and ask what their policy on UNISA degrees is. The univerities that offer distance course (which is what I assume you would want) are University of New England, CQ University, Deakin, Charles Sturt, Southern Cross, Edith Cowan, University of Southern Queensland.. I am a graduate of New england and am currently doing another degree ther. I can highly recommend it- very friendly and welcoming.
  4. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy New Member

    Thanks guys for the answers.
    Michael, I plan to migrate to Australia in the next years and surely, being graduated by an Australian University would be better for me.
    I will check out the websites of the Universities that you have mentioned but, for now, from your direct experience, can you tell me the costs that you have substained?
    Thanks again!
  5. First some details,the course that I am doing at the moment is a Master of History at the University of New England (UNE). Course in the humanities and arts are the cheapest. UNE has a good range of degrees that are offered with Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)which means that the government pays most of the cost for Australians. If you pay the fee upfront each semester, which I am, you do get a discount. So with that background, the degree will cost me all up a bit over $4000.00 (four thousand dollars). Courses not covered by CSP are more expensive, full fee courses can be very expensive. The best thing is that if you do a research degree (Ph.Ds and some masters degrees) there is no fee - they are free to Australians.
  6. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy New Member

    I've checked the website of Deakin and they offer a 4 years Bachelor of Engineering for an estimated ANNUAL course fee of 23.140 AUD.
    Michael...isn't it too expensive?
  7. That is expensive but those technical course are the most expensive. It may be ,that after you immigrate to Australia, you would be eligible for the Fee-help (I think that is the current name) system. You don't start paying until your income reaches a certain level and then deductions are made through the tax system. You should get details on links from university websites. I don't think that applies to full fee courses. However, once you are actually here you might be able to claim tax deductions. Don't bank on this being 100% accurate without checking further because it can be very complex. I will see if I can post a suitable link to more info for you.
  8. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Your English as a second language is better than some people's English as a first language. Don't worry about it.
  9. Here is alink to a site with some information about Australian university fees. I will see if I can find an official government one.

    Australian Student Fees
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  11. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Just some random idea: Since you are seemingly and EU citizen, you can still take online courses in Sweden for free as well as use the (far lower EU) tuition rates in the UK. Both might change in a while, but I would use the opportunity s long as it lasts.
  12. ChiSquare

    ChiSquare New Member

    It won't change. According to EU treaties, students from member countries have equal rights. Students from other EU countries always pay the same university fees as domestic students. For example: even when Sweden introduces fees for international students, student from Italy has the same "domestic" status as local students from Sweden.
  13. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Sure, but I guess in a long term perspective Sweden is going to change their policy and charge domestic students too. As well as there are intense talks at the moment in the UK about removing the tuition limit currently in place. So in a medium term perspective the EU advantage might fade away and the big 3 strategies might be cheaper options for EU citizens.
  14. ChiSquare

    ChiSquare New Member

    What makes you think that? Was there any serious discussion in Sweden about charging domestic students?

    Big 3 schools are a great option for testing out or completing a degree, but it is more expensive than domestic tuition at B&M universities in EU countries (except UK).

    You may argue that tuition in EU may rise, but tuition at Big 3 is not "inflation-proof" either.
  15. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy New Member

    Thanks to everybody,
    ...this sweden option sounds interesting. Does someone knows a DL university with Civil Engineer Course?
    Can you give me the link?
  16. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Here is a well accredited distance CE degree offered by the University of North Dakota.
    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering | Online & Distance Education
    It may not meet your needs but might be worth investigating.

    Have you also checked out membership in the UK Institution of Civil Engineers - They might still offer a non-degree route to Chartered Engineer Status - plus membership is recognized world wide. http://www.ice.org.uk/Education
  17. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy New Member

    Thanks for the link of the University of North Dakota. Really very interesting.
    Check out the tuition end fees page at this link
    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering | Online & Distance Education.
    I don't understand...they say that for a non-resident the estimated price is $852/credit.
    Do they mean that for the full course the price is 135 credit x 852 ?!??!?!
    Sorry for my ignorance

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