Harvard Grad - Quit law job due to mental health...

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    Indeed - life is meant to enjoy. And right - you can't take money or degrees with you. I got off the merry-go-round (it wasn't merry at all) at 50. I had a bit of money then - but I was flat broke by 65. Since then, I'm pleased to say that now - I have as much money as I ever had at any point in my life - and consequently, I get along quite nicely. Even a few luxuries, like my eight guitars, a couple of good cameras - and my new sewing machine, now I'm a newly-minted fashion guy.

    Yes - I get to take what courses I really want -- play a little music - all kinds of hobbies, no money worries. If I DO get sick -- I'll worry about getting better -- not how to pay for stuff. It's pretty good here.
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    I hear you, Josh. It's sad. This should not be happening in a developed country. And I think US private insurance companies treat their policy-holders shamefully. People pay hundreds of dollars a month in premiums and when they do get ill, they can wind up with thousands in deductibles, just as you did. But you deal with the insurance companies - or you get nothing. Only in America...
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