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    Yup, you have the kind of profile I've come to expect to see from someone who's going to survive the ALM in IT program. Fortunately, I've completed all five core courses for my particular concentration, so I'm basically home free at this point, with freedom to pick and choose my courses.

    I've taken two of the courses that are in your IMS concentration. You can see which ones they were from my earlier postings in this thread. Which one did you take? Was it good?
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    I sort of expect that will eventually change. Remember that the IMS concentration is brand new, so some of the courses probably are, too. Sometimes, they wait a while before making a particular course DL.
  3. TescStudent

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    You're very brave, because if you're going to study algorithms at Harvard, you'll encounter one or two of Prof. Mitz's classes for sure.
  4. Dool

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    When I spoke with Prof. Leitner, he hinted that over time more and more courses would go DL. I hope so. Although, some of the business-school related classes (Ops and Risk Mgt, IS Mgt) use the case method and don't seem to lend themselves to DL.

    I've resigned myself to taking a leave of absence from work and saving those until the residency.
  5. Dool

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    I've taken:

    Managerial Accounting &
    Computer Protocols and Internet Architectures

    I would describe my experience so far:
    - Lectures are done well. I leave with a clear understanding of the material.
    - Then I take a look at the reading. Hmm, 3-500 pages. Well, I've got a week. And I've got two weeks for the homework.
    - Then I see the homework results. We're dinged on material not covered in readings or lecture.
    - I can get a B but an A is going to take work. Classmates are howling.
    - Then I get to take the mid-term. Now many classmates are mentally preparing to drop the class(es).

    My assessment so far is that its all about research. Not too surprising when you consider this is a graduate program.

    Its the proverbial iceberg. The lecture covers the tip and its up to you to find and melt the other 90%.

    I don't regret that its a tough program. For this level of difficulty, however, I would say grads deserve a A.M. or S.M., not A.L.M.

    Based on your earlier feedback, I may take it "easy" next semester with the Java and Web Dev. courses.

    We'll see.
  6. TescStudent

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    The courses are not all like that, but a lot of them do require a lot of study outside the assigned readings. I haven't taken the Managerial Accounting course, and I recall the Communication Protocols course needed just a little bit of outside reading. That course was not too bad, but had quite a bit of assigned work.

    I actually think the Harvard SM may be easier than the ALM in some respects. The SM requires 8 courses, and no thesis.
  7. JoeyFBW

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    Am I the only one who thinks the program looks great but it's wierd getting an "ALM?" Can't you see some wise guy asking what a "Master in Liberal Arts" has to do with software?
  8. Dool

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    Yeah, it fits like a pony-tail on a soldier. I imagine many Harvard College comp sci grads have similar thoughts about their A.M.

    I sometimes get the feeling that Harvard just plumb does not like to give out degrees with "science" in the name. Too vocational?

    I wouldn't sweat it. Treat it it as a conversation piece. As in, "I had to work harder to get 'em to give me an ALM instead of a quotidian S.M." Then you can roll your eyes when he wonders what quotidian means.
  9. Dool

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    I just got back my grade for the CP&IA midterm. I thought I did well but was surprised to get back a 100%. Overall grade is now deep into A territory.

    Maybe this won't be as rough as I thought.
  10. meemm

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    Does it actually list Havard Univisity on your degree or is it Harvard Extension School?
  11. JoeyFBW

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    What does the degree say?

    I think the diploma says "Harvard Extension" but that is a division or part of Harvard University.

    So, someone who gets an MBA gets it specifically from Harvard Business School but I don't think it is wrong to say that you got your MBA from "Harvard University" also.
  12. Dool

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    The diploma reads UNIVERSITAS HARVARDIANA; then, after the graduate's name comes Magistri in Artibus Liberalibus Studiorum Prolatorum (Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies).
  13. JoeyFBW

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    Diploma name

    When do you ever have to show the diploma anyway? I guess some people like to hang their diplomas.

    A more relevant question is how does it get listed on a resume or CV?

    Can you say:

    ALM Harvard University 2010 in Information Technology (Software Engineering Concentration)?

    Or do you have to say:

    ALM Harvard Extension School 2010 ...

    One looks a lot better than the other.
  14. Dool

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    Re: Diploma name

    ALM graduates are Harvard alumni and alumnae. The ALM degree can be presented as follows:

    Harvard University, Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Concentration in History

    (Note: Harvard has Concentrations - not Majors)


    Harvard University, MA in History

    A FAQ can be found at:
  15. Dool

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    Re: Re: Diploma name

    Of course, it is a moot point without first graduating.
  16. rdward

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    Good News and Bad News

    The FAQ just referrenced and the previous posts that quoted from it refer to the ALM in the "liberal arts program" which is distinct from the "professional programs" (although both are Master of Liberal Arts degrees)

    The FAQ for the ALM in IT does not seem to be accessible by navigating the site, but a google search for:
    "ALM in IT" faq site:www.extension.harvard.edu
    gave the following link:

    it has a lot of good information, but here is the pertinent quote:
    Before I found this, I sent an email and asked the same question. Here is the answer I got:

    Anyway, hope this helps, good luck.

  17. Dool

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    Re: Good News and Bad News

    The reason you had a hard time finding that link is because it is out of date (notice the ARCHIVE watermarks). Harvard websites change every year to reflect changes in program details. The extension diploma going to Latin, for example.

    The current FAQ specific to professional studies is:

    You'll notice no mention is made of a resume format. When I spoke to the Department Head, he directed me to the ALM FAQ. In other words, the ALM FAQ applies to all ALM degrees; professional or otherwise.

    The pithy email reply you received from Harvard would seem to confirm that the accepted resume format is (for the time being):

    Harvard University, Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Concentration in Information Technology

    Of course, this is all academic until I graduate - no pun intended.
  18. scotty

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    Well, even if it "just" says Harvard Extension School, I'd bet that you'll be able to compete with all the UoP grads out there for interviews.
  19. samlam

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    Yes it says extension in Latin.

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