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    HMU offers two doctoral programs: Doctor of Arts (DA; est. 2008) and Doctor of Education (DEd; est. 2006).

    According to HMU statistics, the total number of students that have completed these programs is as follows:

    - 1 DEd graduate as of 12/31/12

    - 0 DA graduates as of 12/31/12. But Post #110 above indicates that HMU had their first DA graduate in April 2013. Post #116 indicates that there was a second.

    It may not be appropriate to generalize about the publishability of HMU doctoral theses at this point, given that the total sample size is approximately three.
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  2. nosborne48

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    HMU dissertations

    Yeah, I was thinking about UMI Proquest but they accept dissertations and theses only from regionally accredited schools and freestanding law and medical schools with ABA and AMA accreditation respectively.

    ProQuest Support Center

    Unfortunate policy.
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    Not officially, but check here Alan Pew | Harrison Middleton University - Academia.edu
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    Is it accurate to term HMU's doctoral final project a "thesis" or "disseration?"

    I'm not knocking it, just pointing out that different doctoral degrees have different terminology, e.g. in a PsyD people generally do a "doctoral project" while in a psychology PhD program they do a "dissertation."

    So, what is the official terminology for what is produced for the final project for a DA?
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    Congratulations, Dr. Pew!

    Well done.


    P.S. Just contacted you on academia.edu.
  6. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Dang. I tried to download your dissertation, aka Capstone Project, but that requires registering on academia.edu.

    BTW, I've tried to get more specifics from Deborah Deacon about what the Capstone should encompass but until it's closer to my time I guess that's on a "need to know basis." And they've determined I don't need to know yet! I like to worry early and often. :lol:
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    I'm not sure if this answer your question, but this is the description directly from the HMU catalog posted on their website:

    "Doctoral Capstone Course: Scholarly Paper, Applied Project or Pedagogical Training
    (8 credit hours)"
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    Since I was already on the HMU website for another posting, I copied the verbiage about the Capstone Project directly from there. I would think the Capstone would be one of the indicated products within your area of study.

    "The Capstone Course allows a student to demonstrate her or his knowledge of the authors, ideas, topics, and subtopics studies in the degree program. A student is encouraged to design a unique project which might include writing a novel or series of short stories, creating a form of artwork, pedagogical training, or writing a substantial essay based on fieldwork."

    So is there some issue, concept or problem within your area of study that interests, bothers, or intrigues you to the point that you need to explore it in more depth? I arrived at my project by identifying an issue that bothered me throughout my entire career in NJDOC and then simply designing a field project that investigated that issue. When it came time to discuss the project with Dr. Deacon, we chatted about my idea and agreed to move forward with it.
  9. alanp46

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    For further information on the Capstone Project I suggest you review the blog section on the HMU website. My co-graduate, Dr. Lockard, posted a very informative explanation of how he arrived at his Capstone Project. There is another posting by DA student Phillip Perry, in response to Dr. Lockard, that might also be helpful.
  10. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know HMU had a blog on their site -- good to know. How far back are the entries you're referring to?

    -- Carole
  11. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    I had asked Dr. Deacon if I could get the details of the Capstone requirements and she told me not to worry about them, that the description and instructions were 3 or 4 pages and when the time comes we'll discuss it.

    I have a general subject in mind but I don't like to wait until the last minute to organize and prepare for a thesis. Since my topical studies are God, Good and Evil, those won't be applicable to any kind of field project, especially because I live on an island that's mostly rural and we rarely get to the mainland. Religion and philosophy seem to be subject that would require more of an extended essay, with original sources cited.

    It also seems that theses and dissertations always have such micro-focused, long and pedantic titles. I can't imagine how I'd create a more granular focus than --

    "Original sin: are we doomed and tainted from birth?" :saevilw:
  12. alanp46

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    June 28 2013 - "Developing a Capstone Project" Click on the title and you'll get replies to the post.
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    Thanks so much! That DA is a really desirable program and would have suited my interests and academic goals very well. I just need something SO flexible if I'm to pursue another doctorate. CCU offers that. HMU has a great model and methodology though, and I'm certain the mentors help to make that kind of model very rewarding. As I have more time in the future I'd like to get that set of books anyway and add that to my personal research library. Blessings!
  14. PilgrimPastor

    PilgrimPastor New Member

    Something like this perhaps: "The doctrine of original sin in the writing of John Calvin." or "The contrast between the doctrines of original sin as they appear in the Old and New Testaments." or "Original sin: the means through which God demonstrably exercises supreme sovereignty and supreme grace, as found in the writings of Martin Luther." You can always narrow your focus and - trust me - any doctoral committee worth its salt will ensure you do. :smashfreakB:
  15. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Thank you Alan P., I'll check it out. Right now I'm going to fall behind on John Calvin if I don't crack the whip on myself!
  16. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Thanks Pastor, I never told you how much I like your ideas for a thesis. I appreciate your input. :flowers1:
    -- Carole
  17. nosborne48

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    Question from a non-doctoral student...

    I've never attempted a dissertation doctorate but there's something here that sounds odd to me. I had thought that a doctoral student should go into the program with a pretty firm idea of the dissertation requirements and area of interest in order to tailor the coursework to suit. Not true?
  18. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    I'm a lowly master's student, evidently a minority of one at HMU who is still plodding along in the MA, so I can't write about the lofty goals of the DA students. I did tailor my coursework based on my interests (and revised my major twice), but a thesis development for this program seems to be mysterious, so far at least.
  19. PilgrimPastor

    PilgrimPastor New Member

    You are most welcome. Their DA in Religion & Philosophy is very appealing to me as a second doctorate. I'm doing the Ed.D. with CCU or I would be doing that! And... I'd probably be writing something having to do with Calvin for a dissertation... Blessings!
  20. PilgrimPastor

    PilgrimPastor New Member

    Don't worry... you'll be doing it soon enough and it will seem even more mysterious, then you'll be done and graduate, and the mystery of it all will be rather astonishing... It boils down to meeting institution requirements and satisfying your committee. Somewhere in the mix you try to do research and writing that is meaningful to you as well... if the committee will stand for it...


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