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    I've been lurking the forum for quite a while. I just recently joined.
    I'm working on a BSLS from excelsior. My plans were to attend Amberton University, and do a counseling class heavy MA in professional development. I want to prep myself for a possible career as a psychologist. APA accredited programs are my highest priority, but getting there has left me with a lot of questions. I just noticed a few post doc clinical respecialization programs, so I might go that route if I can find an RA/equivalent Ph.D. for me, But this is all wishful thinking.

    I am 24. I have been in the military for three years. I am not loving it (Mainly due to my position and a lot of the people I work with), but I'm making steps to change things. I just came to the realization that I was not progressing as a person, and that I hope to one day overcome my own mental anguish so that I may help others.

    I mostly have questions about accreditation (Just noticed the whole international to RA conversion thing), new psych programs, experiences, and the like.

    Should I reach my goals, I would definitely like to stick around and help others out. Thank you for reading.
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    Keep in mind that the American Psychological Association only accredits doctoral programs, so what you should be looking at for at the Master's level is regional accreditation plus a program that meets your state's licensing requirements for a Master's level clinician (the term is Licensed Mental Health Counselor - LMHC - in Massachusetts). Most states require 60 credits (some only 48), courses in specific areas, and a minimum number of supervised internship hours.

    At the doctoral level, APA accreditation is the "gold standard" and will qualify you for licensure as a psychologist in all 50 states, but some states will accept some RA but non-APA schools that meet minimum state standards.

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