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    I have just taken my last exam to complete my Excelsior College BS Liberal Studies. I started this journey in July of 1999 by enrolling in Western Governor's University. I soon realized that they were not for me. I'm sure there are some folks that would benefit from their method, just not me. I must say that they were very accomadating in refunding a pro rated portion of my tuition.

    I started snooping around and found the folks that I give credit to getting me through this. In no particular order I would like to give my personal thanks to Lawrie Miller, Tom Head and Dr. Steve Levicoff ( vs Steve Levicoff is as entertaing as reading good Oscar Wilde in my opinion) I searched weekly for post by these guys and probably read every bit of archives that my server held.

    I enrolled in Regents in May of 2000 with 29 credits earned from a community college. Armed with the information and support of these folks I can now call myself a college graduate (although I don't feel any smarter than when I started) after completing the remainder of my degree strictly through examination (thanks Tom and Lawrie)
    I will gather my records and post a journal of my exams and study materials. Hopefully I can inspire someone else the keep at it.

    Again, thanks Dr.Steve, Tom and Lawrie.
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    You are quite welcome -- and congratulations!


    Tom Head
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    Congratulations, well done!


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