Graduate School of Statesmanship

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    Hillsdale College

    Interesting college for someone who is conservative in their views.

    Their online courses

    Constitution 101

    The Presidency and the Constitution is another interesting class.

    I'm not associated nor I work for them, I think their online courses are actual and available free of charge to any who wishes to learn.
    The education in character, faith, and freedom necessary for self-government and happiness.

    Their graduate school:
    on campus
    "Graduate School of Statesmanship" was inaugurated in 2012.
    Its focus is political philosophy and American politics; it awards MA and Ph.D. degrees in Politics

    Since the late 20th century, the college has been one of several in the United States which decline governmental financial support, instead of depending entirely on private donations to supplement students' payments for tuition.
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    Hillsdale and Grove City College are also interesting for being two (and I believe the only two) regionally accredited institutions that do not participate in any federal financial aid programs.
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