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  1. Go_Fishy

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    Hi, I have two questions about certificates in the above mentioned disciplines.

    1. Where?
    I'm looking for a graduate certificate in Distance Learning. I'm usually not stupid when it comes to using search engines, but these particular search terms make the search a little tricky...;) The program should be from a B&M institution. I like the UF program, but I'm wondering if 9 credits is not a little short.

    2. Does it make sense at all?
    Would you consider such a certificate a useful credential? I have a Master's in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, so I would most likely teach English. I would also consider shooting for a 18cr certificate so as to be able to teach Distance Ed, but I'm not sure if there is a demand.

    As always, thanks in advance!
  2. Diesel13

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    I can answer the first one. Cal state University East Bay has a certificate program in Online Teaching and Learning that can later be used toward a M.Ed. Here is the link.

    Hope this is what your looking for.
  3. mbaonline

    mbaonline New Member

    Not sure what you need...

    1. The UF 9 credit program should be fine. I know there are others but don't know off-hand. One does not necessarily need any classes to teach online. Getting your first online teaching job is a combination of luck, experience and presentation. Having taken an online class or ten is good preparation, according to my experience. Some (hiring) deans may like to see the certificate...others may consider it worthless.

    2. Do you currently have 18 credits in English? Or are you talking about getting 18 credit hours in distance ed? I'm confused as to what you want to do. If you want to teach others about distance ed, that is wholly different than wanting to teach (Subject X) via a distance learning platform.

    Regarding the 18 credit hour rule: Check with some schools to make sure that Applied Linguistics counts toward the required 18 to teach English. Schools vary and some are picky.
  4. Go_Fishy

    Go_Fishy New Member

    I'm sorry, I should have been clearer. I have around 36 semester credits in LING, not English. So I would teach English as a Second/Foreign Language - not English Lit or anything like that.

    And I would like the Distance Ed certificate primarily to improve my job chances, but if there is demand, I would also consider doing a full 18cr so I could teach this in addition to ESL/EFL.

    Thanks for your advice thus far, guys, keep them coming!
  5. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    Not sure it makes a difference, but the certificate program can be used towards a MS in Education, not a M.Ed at CSUEB. You probably can transfer them to another school's M.Ed. program if that's what you meant.
  6. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    I think a distance education certificate/degree would be a much more useful credential for those wishing to contract out to schools creating new online courses than it would be for teaching only. If you think you'd like to get into creating and converting B&M courses to an online format as well as teaching, I'd say go for it.

    Of course, I can't see how it would hurt if you did get it and just wanted to teach. I can see where it could help, especially with a school that is starting to get really heavy into the online space.
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  7. Ruble

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    Please ignore typos, I have a two year old in my lap...

    The following program is available from Linkoping University in Sweden. If accepted into the program tuition is free, although you will have to pay for books and a small student union fee.

    I signed up for this program as well as two others (African Literature and Post-colonial Studies and Religious Roots of Europe, both are full programs) via I have not yet heard back but I have been able to log in and check that my transcripts arrived. I should hear something very soon (month or two). I think this program is still open for late enrollment (the deadline is January 15th for "freemovers" which is on EEU or Swedish Citizens).

    The lnk to the program is here:

    Here is a brief description as well:

    Adult Learning and Global Change, 60 credits
    Language of instruction: English

    In every part of the world, governments are urging citizens to train or educate themselves for competition in the global economy.

    Advocates of this argument claim that regional or local trade arrangements are no longer viable in a world where connective technologies can move influence, resources and purchasing power with a simple mouse click. Critical discourses on globalisation, however, require an ability to learn in situations that span vast cultural and geographic divides. And working globally sometimes calls for “fluency” in several cultures.

    Four universities
    This programme design is unique in the sense that four universities in four different continents collaborate. These are Linköping University, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, University of Western Cape, Cape Town and Monash University, Melbourne.

    Graduates of the programme will:
    • Learn and teach globally
    • Use global connective technologies
    • Understand knowledge-based societies and their implications for learning
    • Understand globalisation discourses
    • Develop cultural sensibilities and sensitivities
    • Develop an equality perspective to learning, and reframe their own professional practices

    Distance learning
    The programme is intended for adults who need to understand learning and global change. The content will benefit people working in formal educational settings, business and industry, activist organisations, governments, non-governmental organisations, healthcare and numerous other settings where discourses of globalisation are changing people’s lives.

    The mode of delivery is on-line distance learning with no campus-based meetings. Students must have reliable and regular e-mail and internet access.

    Master of Arts and Social Science (One Year) with a major in Adult's Learning
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  8. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef


    This might not be totally helpful, but I am currently enrolled in this program on my employer's dime. Our district requires completion of this cert in order to teach or develop any online course in our district. Translation- even if I had an outside distance credential it wouldn't matter.

    That might not apply to your situation, but you might be able to obtain the credential without the heavy price of grad tuition.
  9. saabsrule

    saabsrule New Member

    The University of Wisconsin – Stout has a great online E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program that is 5 classes long. I think it’s a 15 credit program, but I think you can get 18 credits in Online teaching from them.

    Roosevelt University has an online E-Learning Certificate that is 15 Credits and an Online Teaching Certificate that is 9 Credits. I’m sure if you put them together it would give you the 18 Graduate Credits you need.

    On a side note Ashford University has an Online Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology. It’s a 30 Credit program, but classes are only 6 weeks long. Not sure if this would meet your requirements?
  10. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Your background should allow you to teach ESL courses online or on campus. While it couldn't hurt, a cert. in DL is not required.

    good luck.

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