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  1. tempORary_Harry

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    Just ranting:

    My wife applied for a government job where the minimum requirement is a bachelor in business, public admin or 2 years experience in subject.

    Wife has an MBA and is completing a doctorate. The sent her an email saying she wasn't meeting the qualification. ????

    When did a bachelors in business trump an existing bachelors, a masters, and a soon doctorate?
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I'm not surprised. A master's in a subject is different than a bachelor's. It is not as comprehensive, for one thing.

    In some case, with which I'm familiar, one had to have 24 hours of credit in a particular field. It didn't matter if you had a doctorate in that field, unless those doctoral credits could also be applied to the 24-credit requirement.

    She can always inquire why she was considered unqualified. Are you even sure it was because of the degree and not some other factor?

    Finally, if it is a mistake they can fix it. It happens. As a hiring manager, I'd often have to go to HR to find out why a particular applicant did not make the list. Sometimes the rejection was bona fide. Other times, it was an error.
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  3. Charles Fout

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    As Rich stated, perhaps it was some other criterion. Most often, in government hiring, prior experience at the level of a specific Paygrade of the job series is more of a qualification than is level of education.
  4. Nicely put. :)

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