Got some overdue library books? Check!

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  1. AsianStew

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    What is the latest you've ever returned an overdue library book?

    Haha, I don't remember, maybe a couple weeks or so, at most a month? I dunno... It's happened to me a few times... How much did you pay for your "fine"?

    My family, we go to the library on a regular basis and get reminders when our library books are due, but still sometimes they're "late" and we're fined.

    But for this particular person, they made the news in Canada and the UK! Wow! "For one B.C. man, it took 48 years and 107 days."

    "He said the fine for the overdue book would be around £6,000 (roughly $9,440 at the time of publication) if the library didn't cap fees at £8.50 (roughly $13). But Arnsby said they are waiving the fine for this case."

    Link: B.C. man returns book to U.K. library — more than 48 years overdue (
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  2. Dustin

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    Overdue fines are a significant issue keeping people who could really benefit from making use of the library. A lot of libraries are eliminating fees because they actually don't play a major role in people bringing the books back.
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  3. Rich Douglas

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    Libraries are better off taking the Netflix approach: limit the number of books one can have out and eliminate late fees entirely.

    Libraries can't charge more than the value of the book, and that's the depreciated value.
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  4. SweetSecret

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    I totally agree! I have called libraries before and told them I was helping a client who is indigent buy really needed access to the computers, and kindly asked the librarian to wipe out the fees. It works surprisingly well. I think the key is that it needs to be a service provider calling rather than the library card holder.
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  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I'm glad! My local library won't let me pay off other people's fines, even my own relatives. Very annoying. They claim it's a privacy issue but I don't see it myself.

    I agree that if I were a service provider that might be different.
  6. AsianStew

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