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    Is there some place from where I can get the list of good ( repuated ) online MBAs with residency option ? Thanks
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    Try the Bible, oops, I mean Dr. Bear's Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning.
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    Maybe this can be useful:

    Amberton University
    American Intercontinental Univ.
    Andrew Jackson University
    Argosy University
    Arizona State University
    Athabasca University
    Auburn University
    Baker College
    Bellevue University
    Brenau University
    California College for Health Sciences
    California National University
    California State U–Dominguez
    Capella University
    Capitol College
    Cardean University
    Cardinal Stritch University
    Chadron State College
    City University
    Colorado State University
    Concordia University
    Dallas Baptist University
    DeSales University
    Drexel University
    Duke University
    Durham University
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
    Empire State College
    Florida Atlantic University
    Florida Gulf Coast University
    Florida Institute of Technology
    Fordham University
    Franklin University
    Georgia State University
    Golden Gate University
    Henley Management College
    Heriot-Watt University
    Hope International University
    Howard University
    Indiana Wesleyan University
    International School of
    Information Management
    James Madison University
    Jones International University
    Keller Graduate School
    Kennesaw State University
    Lake Superior State University
    Lakeland College
    Lansbridge University
    Lehigh University
    Leicester University
    Liberty University
    Madonna University
    Marist University
    Marylhurst University
    Mississippi State University
    Morehead State University
    Myers University
    National-Louis University
    National Technological Univ.
    National University
    New Mexico State University
    Norwich University
    Nova Southeastern University
    University of Maryland - University College
    Ohio University
    Oklahoma State University
    Old Dominion University
    Ottawa University Kansas City
    Pace University
    Pennsylvania State University
    Pfeiffer University
    Philadelphia University
    Portland State University
    Purdue University
    Regent University
    Regis University
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Royal Roads University
    Saint Joseph’s College
    Saint Joseph’s University-PA
    Salve Regina University
    Stephens College
    Strayer University
    Suffolk University
    Sullivan University
    Syracuse University
    Tarleton State University
    Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Tiffin University
    Touro University International
    Troy State
    University of Arkansas
    University of Baltimore
    University of California-Irvine
    University of Central Florida
    University of Colorado- Col. Sp
    University of Colorado-Denver
    University of Dallas-Graduate School of Management
    University of Findlay
    University of Florida
    University of Georgia
    University of Houston-Victoria
    University of Massachusetts
    University of Missouri-St. Louis
    University of Montana
    University of North Alabama
    University of North Carolina
    University of North Texas
    University of Notre Dame
    University of Phoenix
    University of Pittsburg
    University of South Alabama
    University of S. Carolina
    University of St. Francis
    University of St. Thomas
    University of Tennessee-
    University of Texas
    University of Texas - Brownsville
    University of Texas-Dallas
    University of Tulsa
    University of Wisconsin-
    University of Wyoming
    Vanderbilt University
    Virginia Tech University
    Warwick Business School
    Webster University
    West Texas A&M
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  4. Add Indiana University to the list - take a look at
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    I could not fond details for Vanderbilt University online MBA.
  6. dl_mba

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    University of South Alabama has discontinued Online MBA.
  7. dl_mba

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    Not sure if Virginia Tech University ever offered Online MBA.
  8. dl_mba

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    Not sure if University of Central Florida offers Online MBA.
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  10. little fauss

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    IMO, here are the top 50 online/DL MBAs going:

    1. Duke
    2. Columbia/Berkeley Dual Exec
    3. Emory
    4. Purdue
    5. Indiana
    6. ASU
    7. Florida
    8. UMass (Amherst)
    9. Syracuse
    10. UT-Dallas

    Second Tier (11-20 in alphabetical order)

    Colorado State
    Florida State
    Oklahoma State
    Penn State (not affiliated with Smeal program)
    Thunderbird (Global MBA)
    Worcester Polytechnic

    Third Tier (21-50 in alphabetical order)

    Arkansas-Little Rock
    California State - DH (AACSB anticip)
    Colorado-Colorado Springs
    Georgia University System
    Missouri-St. Louis
    Missouri State University (formerly SWMSU)
    Mississippi State
    Morehead State (AACSB anticip)
    Portland State
    St. Joes
    St. Thomas (MN)
    Texas University System
    Texas A&M-Commerce
    West Texas A&M
    Western New England
    Wisconsin-Eau Claire


    List is totally my subjective opinion, subject to change.

    I tried to confine it to AACSB-only, though there are a couple programs that are not yet there, but on their way.

    List does not include some that were listed by the other poster, miguelestefan (I don't think some of those programs on that overall helpful list have true online or DL MBAs, though some of them, like Notre Dame--which would surely make the top-5 if I considered it "DL"--can be taken remotely if you live in certain regions. I tried to confine my list to those that can be taken from anywhere in the country, albeit some like Emory would require a lot of money spent on residencies, not to mention tuition).

    List does not include programs that require residency in a particular state (such as Ball State) or corporate participation in DL satellite or video conferencing program (such as Carnegie-Mellon).

    List does not include non-US DL MBAs (but there are some very good ones, such as Henley, Manchester, Warwick, U of London-Imperial)

    Some of these (esp. top 4) have some major residency req., but all can be done without major career interruption. Indiana, ASU, UT-Dallas and UMass have fairly light residencies (or none at all in case of UMass), Columbia Berkeley, Emory, Purdue and Syracuse have hefty res req.
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    Have to second what Rivers said, especially as I am a student there, lol...Morehead is fully AACSB accredited. I was accepted to UMASS, U of Hawaii, and Morehead and went with Morehead as I could take more hours in the area of accounting which will help prepare me for the CPA exam, besides, I like the name hehe...

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    I swear to you, I checked out the Morehead State site recently and found a link to some document that was discussing how "AACSB was anticipated". And yet, I cannot now find that link. Honest. Obviously, I was looking at an out-of-date document on the Morehead State SOM site, as when I checked the main page just now, I found that they'd recently been granted "initial accreditation", whatever that means. I should've just checked the main B-school page, that would've given me the definitive answer.

    I stand corrected on UMass-Lowell.
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    LOL, it was just poking at you, nothing more. In fact, your posts are always looked forward to as your insight and opinion is valued.

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    Yes, your correction as well as Gregg's correction on the LLB thread have left me reeling, questioning myself, indecisive, full of fear and loathing (of myself and my own ineptitude, not those who gently have pointed out my ignorance).

    It's a difficult time for me, my foundation rocked as it is. But I will survive...I will survive!

  18. Rivers

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    I believe they (morehead)recieved AACSB accrediation last year(April 2004)
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    Morehead State Has AACSB!

    Morehead State University has AACSB accreditation!!! Trust me on this; I are a graduate (kidding on the bad grammar), MBA 2003.
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