Good for you Aspen University

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    That's great! I received my MBA from them back in 2010. They left me a message the other day to ask how I was doing. Good school. I am glad I got my MBA back when it cost 4K.
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    RA and for-profit...that narrows it down quite a bit.

    Anyone care to speculate or make a guess?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    My guess is Patten University, but would New Charter University gives up its regional school? Another one would be Trident University International...but for the price, Trident worths more. How's about The University of Antelope Valley
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    I believe Patten University and New Charter University have already parted ways. Patten is under UniversityNow Network and New Charter is owned by Global Heritage Education, LLC....
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    This quote in the news link states: “Acquiring a regionally accredited institution is key to executing our long-term vision of offering monthly payment plans to not just Registered Nurses, but to all college worthy adults,” said Chairman & CEO, Michael Mathews.

    As TEKMAN mentioned . . . Patten University . . . . which is a good guess, but since Michael Mathews mentions 'registered nurses' . . . .could the direction be Argosy University since they have clinical/medical programs ?

    Yes, I know they were just purchased, but could they be immediately spun off and sold?

    Just a guess.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It could be, but with the price and monthly payment plan it has to be Patten University. Patten University does not own by New Charter University (formerly Andrew Jackson University)'s parent company. It is owned by UniversityNow ( an educational technology company. Currently Apsen University offers Nursing Programs (; possible they want to bring Nursing Programs to Patten University to make the program regionally accredited.
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    Interesting. I got my MS there in 2011 or 12 (I can't remember now). Never heard a word from them after that and I've even sent them a couple of email inquiries when I was considering a second Masters and they never bothered to respond.
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    My initial guess was for Patten University as well. However, I strongly think they've made the choice to buy out Ashford University.
    Ashford's been in the news, with them closing their "B&M" campus and going completely online. I just hope they can keep tuition low.
    I too was looking at the Aspen MBA degree when it was extremely cheap, but now looking at other masters programs instead.

    It's not in the original list of schools shown in a previous post, but they do have a wikipedia page.
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    Yeah, for what Aspen is charging now you are better off going RA.
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    That's great. My friend, our very own Dr. David Lady, was responsible for getting the CCNE accreditation. He is very forward thinking.
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    I doubt that Bridgepoint Education would sell Ashford University for $9 Millions, they have 48,000 students online. If they charge $1,000.00 per student...the company worth $48,000,000.00 just from tuition. Anyway, according UniversityNow; the company acquired Patten University and New Charter University for $19 millions. In 2013, UniversityNow sold New Charter University. Based on the $9 millions price, and monthly tuition payment...Patten University sounds about right.
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    There are cases of a non-profit school being acquired and turned into a 'for profit.' So, maybe, UCLA?
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    I thought UCLA is owned by a Private China's Equity Firm. The name is changed to University of California - Lot of Asians. :)
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    Has Aspen University's parent company revealed the acquired school yet? I am so curious...:)
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    "If Aspen and the Guarantor enter into a definitive merger agreement within 60 days of the letter of intent, and if the merger is consummated by January 15, 2018, the principal amount of the loan and accrued interest will be credited against the merger consideration payable by Aspen. If the parties do not enter into a definitive merger agreement within 60 days, or if a definitive agreement is entered into but the merger does not close by January 15, 2018, and/or if either party exercises its right to terminate the definitive agreement, then the loan and accrued interest will become immediately due and payable"

    I'm not much of a business kid but I think this means we might not get the answer for quite a while yet.
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    Huh huh huh... they said "consummated"....

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