Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA)Macquarie University

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    For the price of $39K AUD or $25K USD, I would go for a BU MBA instead which is offered by Edx, it may not be a Global MBA, but still teaches similar subjects: Online MBA Degree: Master of Business Administration (

    Macguaire is in the top 10 of about 50 Uni in Australia, good but not that great for the price.
    WIKI: Macquarie University - Wikipedia

    Here's another program that is about 5 times as much, but from an Ivy + Canadian institution, EMBA Americas
    Link: Executive MBA Americas | Tuition Costs and Financing | Cornell Johnson
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    Cornell? Queens? Great. But if someone can shell out $164K for an MBA -- that person likely has been doing OK without one, so far. I think that's even more than DUKE, for goodness sake! @TEKMAN Do you know of any distance MBAs that cost MORE than this? I figure if anyone here would know, it'd be you. :)
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    It's Macquarie.
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    Oops, I blame my mild dyslexia and bad spelling/typing...
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well my choice were 1) Imperial College London, 2) Boston University, and 3) Macquarie University. I was mainly went for brand and school reputation. It depends on your location, Imperial College London is well known for international. While Macquarie University is well known in Asia/Pacific and Australia. Boston University is best known for Americas, maybe a little International presence. General an accredited GMBA/MBA/EMBA are acceptable everywhere. The most important is networking for an MBA, I don't see the problem Macquarie University's GMBA recognition.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Wharton has Limited Residency MBA for $220K+
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    Thanks, TEKMAN! :)
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    I honestly really wish we could edit on this board. I am constantly checking it at night before falling asleep. I have pain in my hands and often use speech-to-text, which inevitably doesn't come out right. Then I seem to always miss some typo and see it the next day when it's too late to fix.
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    I think most of us recognize that typos happen and are no big deal.
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    UPenn Wharton cost in excess of $200K.

    I just saw TEKMAN respond above. I shared the UPenn Wharton program a few weeks back as they made the announcement on LinkedIn.

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