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    Ahhhh, oops!
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    Fortunately, for my field of study, there are a number of options for peer-reviewed journal publication that do not require me to pay a fee, so I avoid journals that wish to charge me a fee in order to include my article.
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    Thanks very much for the information.
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    Aother way to get published

    Find a friendly professor and help him with a paper by assisting in research, review, writing, etc. That way you can be listed as a co-author.
    Check out Authorship on page 6 of APA Publication Manual (5th ed.).
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    It's not a "requirement", it's an "additional service" of making your paper freely available. IIRC Springer does it, too. Smells close to scam, and doesn't make much sense (except maybe for natural science folks), but veritable commercial publishers are engaged in this game. There are a few pure Open Access publishers that are doing very well (PLoS and BMC, mostly in life sciences) - these do require a fee. OTOH, "open access" model is suitable for bad or semi-bad journals (Hindawi Publishers, a commercial joint that puts out hundreds of "OA journals", got into some kind of scandal recently). It's a new thing, kind of like online learning :)

    I'm not defending Oxford Journals - they do not require defense. These are established rags ranging from "decent" to "great", all in appropriate indexes and with impact factors.
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    Actually, having the author pay the online access fee make perfect sense as an alternative to having the reader pay for access. I should have made my comment clearer: There are a number of journals (both print and online) in which the authors "share the cost of publication". If an article is accepted for publication, the author is expected to pay a publishing fee. This is different than paying for readers' free online access to you article, which is what Oxford and Springer do.

    I was just observing that in my discipline (instructional technology & distance learning) there are a number of good peer-reviewed journals that are available online without a fee, such as the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, The International Review of Research in Open and Distant Learning, Journal of Interactive Online Learning, Journal of Online Learning & Teaching (MERLOT) and others.
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    I see. In my discipline, I know of Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS) and Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) that are established, peer-reviewed and completely free. JAIR is actually #1 AI journal by impact and is crazy selective.
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    Any followup?
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    No, I am just focused on finishing my PhD. I have nothing else that I should be concerned with (except work and family).
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    Another reason I love this place!!! You guys are just full of all kinds of great information!!! I have been trying to write some articles for some trade publications and u cant even get an editor to return my email!!! LOL... Oh well... Try, try and try again!!!!!
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    Does anyone have any recommendations for peer reviewed sources for articles on leadership/criminal justice/ and or Homeland Security and Terrorism???
    Thanks in advance,
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    Not my field, but I would start with the academic societies. You may also ask a prof about the publications that are highly respected. Another source would be the bibliographies in the literature that you read.

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    Sorry to hear about the lack of response. Trade mags are usually the easiest to break into. If you have a good idea and you follow their submission guidelines, you can usually expect a reply. If this is something that interests you, I'd encourage you to keep trying and not give up.
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    For criminal justice, you may wish to try these:

    The Journal of Criminal Justice Education:
    The Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE) (ISSN1051-1253) is an official journal of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). JCJE provides a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of a broad range of issues concerning post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology and related areas. The aim of JCJE is to enhance the quality of higher education in criminal justice and criminology. JCJE is an education-oriented journal for those undertaking educational and academic endeavors in the fields of criminal justice and criminology. Quality articles that address specific educational or academic issues in these areas are encouraged and will be considered for publication. Articles that deal principally with training, theory or research unrelated to criminal justice education are not likely to be considered or accepted for publication. The JCJE Editor:
    The current editor of the Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE) is Dr. Christopher J. Schreck.
    Inquiries Regarding Manuscripts should be sent to:
    Christopher J. Schreck, Ph.D., Editor
    Journal of Criminal Justice Education
    Department of Criminal Justice
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    1 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623
    Phone: (585) 475-2462
    Fax: (585) 475-6749
    [email protected]

    Justice Quarterly:
    Justice Quarterly (ISSN 0741-8825) is an official journal of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). JQ is a refereed, multi-disciplinary journal featuring articles that address issues of crime and criminal justice. JQ provides articles using a range of qualitative and quantitative research. JQ is a premier journal and it continues to be a major forum for crime-related scholarship, making it an essential part of any library's holdings.
    JQ is abstracted or indexed in Social Sciences Citation Index, ISI Alerting Services, Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Abstracts in Criminology and Penology, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Criminal Justice Periodical Index, NCJRS, Uncover, Violence and Abuse Abstracts, Sage Public Administration Abstracts, Social Planning/Policy & Development Abstracts, and Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts.
    Justice Quarterly’s 2008 5-year Impact Factor was 1.922, ranking 7th of 31 journals in the Thomson Reuters Social Science Citation Index – Criminology and Penology Category. The 2007 5-year Impact Factor was 1.758 and ranked 4th of 29 journals. JQ’s 2008 standard Impact Factor was 1.325, ranking it 9th of 31. For information concerning the Impact Factor see Journal Citation Reports - Science - Thomson Reuters.
    The JQ Editor:
    The current editor of Justice Quarterly (JQ) is Dr. Cassia Spohn (Editorial Term: September 2010-September 2013; for the 2010-2012 issues).
    Inquiries Regarding Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor.
    (Guidelines for Authors are at the bottom of this page.)
    Dr. Cassia Spohn, Editor

    Arizona State University
    School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
    411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600l
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    602-496-2366 (Fax)
    [email protected]
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