Getting accepted into MBA program with low GPA

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by wb1985, Mar 6, 2020.

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    So I had dropped out of Missouri State University my final semester due to personal issues in 2009. Fast forward to now, I contacted Missouri State and am enrolling to go back as I am only 3 classes short of obtaining my Bachelor's Degree. I should have this completed after the summer semester.

    I would like to then go from there to obtaining my MBA. I will finish up my Bachelor's Degree with around a 2.6GPA. I know not good as I didn't take studies seriously as a young person. Since then I do have 10 years of professional experience in a salaried position with demonstrated promotions. I fully understand I will also have to take the GMAT or GRE and score well.

    Any other tips that could help me be accepted into an online MBA program with a regionally accredited institution?
    Any certain institutions recommended?
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    There are soooo many online MBA programs. It's my own opinion that many of them are essentially "open admissions" programs. They will give virtually anyone an opportunity to prove they can do the work.

    Tips for admission: ace your remaining courses, write a killer admissions letter, keep your checkbook handy.

    School recommendations: there are 300+ online MBA programs. Please do some homework. Start with your own state university system then branch out.
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    Some schools grant conditional admission to students with 2.50-2.99 GPA. They may also require a standardized test, e.g. GRE/GMAT.

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