German Rabbi at Center of Controversy Plagiarized His Doctoral Dissertation

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Garp, Feb 20, 2023.

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    My problem is that I am too anodyne to inspire passion in anyone ever.
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    Nobody said he is. But it depends on how you like to spend your time.
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    He was a very bad actor for a very long time. I praised what was noteworthy and noted what was not.

    As for when I'm gone, I don't really care. I barely do now.
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    Right. In my haste I conflated the two. But, as I'm sure we both acknowledge, it was a heckuva thing to be awarded.
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    True. And there are reports about the level (or lack of) required by some celebrities earning doctorates. There were rumors about Bill Cosby and perhaps generous waivers of course requirements.

    Of course there are a number of celebrities that have gone on to earn doctorates (some began them prior to stardom) such as Brian May, Robert Vaughn, Yakov Smirnoff, Shaq, and a few other sports figures. I have not heard any of them were given special preference.
  8. Johann

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    Brian May earned his PhD in the UK. "Special preference" is just NOT an Imperial College, London thing. Ask @TEKMAN or ask directly here:

    Imperial College London

    Yeah - over here, it's possible. Not so much, there. Not at all, at Imperial College. Definitely not.
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    Maybe a couple of people said, here at DI, they thought Dr. Shaquille O'Neal was cut some slack. I believe there was mention of his diss. being a video. Nobody was much bothered by this IIRC - they knew how smart the man is and The University stated that he completed the specific hours and credits as required, per the rules. No "gifts." There was some mention of it in the pages of this thread:

    I was looking for another discussion of this and I suddenly remembered - it's on another degree forum that has since closed. (Shaq received his Doctorate in 2012.)
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  10. Rich Douglas

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    I have heard of only one prominent British university letting someone slide in getting his doctorate. Just once.....
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    Thanks, Rich. That post is the most fun I've had all week! :)

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