FYI: website of the homeless homeschooled boy who got perfect SAT scores

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Jonathan Liu, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. Jonathan Liu

    Jonathan Liu Member

    The northern California boy selected Bob Jones University in SC.

    Jonathan Liu
  2. H. Piper

    H. Piper member

    "Homeless homeschooled"? Yeah, and I'm the penniless Piper. (Seriously, I have an aversion to pennies and do not tolerate their presence.)
  3. Jonathan Liu

    Jonathan Liu Member

    I guess "homeless" means he has no "fixed" house to live in, "homeschooled" means that his mom teaches him instead of going to school to get education. It is ture that "homeschooling without a home" sounds interesting.
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    What an extraordinary website. Incredible detail on everything in this young man's life, other than how it was that a pediatric physician could have fallen on such desperate times for such a long period.
  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Reading further on the website: Trevor's mother's philosophy of education:
    "1. Academic subjects should always be secondary to character-building. Better to have a child with good character and behavior who is mediocre in academics than to have an academic star who is a self-absorbed, rebellious brat.

    "2. While we need to raise our daughters with a good education, it should always be with the vision of using it to be a good wife and mother, NOT to work toward a career out of the home."

    Gee, if it was God's Will that Trevor score an 800 on the SAT physics exam, why do you suppose God wanted him to have "only" a 580 on the SAT Spanish exam?
  6. larryhw

    larryhw New Member

    He did offer this explanation:

    *after 2 (vs. 3 or 4) years of Spanish

    Larry Walker
  7. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    I'm just curious how he affords to maintain a website if he can't afford rent??
  8. bing

    bing New Member

    Sounds suspicious. Maybe they, parents, both lost their medical licenses.

  9. drwetsch

    drwetsch New Member

    If the story is true -- great.

    I am sure there are some great homeschooling success stories. One I am aware of is of a homeschooled young man who after being homeschooled continued this tradition and went on to complete his associate degree at 14 and his B.S. at 16 through Regents College (now Excelsior).

    At the time I met him at commencement he had his own software company too. He went on to study for his masters at a traditional school.


  10. The story seems legit -- a quick Google search turned up many links to "Trevor Loflin"

    This from a Sacramento TV station website at
    The web pages are in a subdirectory of the Rocky Mountain West Internet Publishing site; who knows, perhaps they donated the space.

    Kristin Evenson Hirst
  11. jnate

    jnate New Member

    One overlooked reason he may have mad a perfect score...good genetics...both MDs, but some explination on why the father MD was not paying child-support or how a mother MD could only afford for her family to live in "their suburban". You dont hear of too many MDs going broke these days!

    j nate
  12. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    Mine's slightly less impressive (finished homeschooling at 15, earned my Regents B.A. at 17), but I'd definitely vouch for homeschooling. Among other things, it's probably the best possible preparation one can have for distance learning programs--and it's not a bad way to prepare for a career as a writer, either.


    Tom Head
  13. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    I believe that it must indicate that God's native language is not Spanish. I am very pleased to learn that God favors physics over Spanish. (The more we have in common the better off I figure I'll be.)
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That was cute Bill! [​IMG]


  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Interesting story and I don't know whether it is true or not. I suppose it is easy to become jaded with all of the scams of late.

    As for doctors going broke it does happen. Some over extend themselves by openning multiple offices. Another phenomenon are those taking some of these insurance programs for disadvantaged children. Some doctors have limited the numbers of patients they take with the insurance because they found their practice overwhelmed. The reimbursements were too small and there have been stories of doctors going in debt over the issue of not refusing patients versus meeting their bills. This understandable upset some of the parents who had enrolled their children and then found they had difficulty finding a doctor. It caused the doctors to approach the state government about the less than adequate reimbursement.

    The other thing is that people make interesting choices. I met a woman who graduated as a lawyer and had school debt but was intending to stay home with her new born. Her husband had a blue collar civil service job (okay pay but not exceptional). I don't know what happened to her but I can see that as a potential financial problem.

    Thanks for posting the story. It was interesting. Provided it is true I wish him the best. It is unfortunate that he did not choose one of the exceptional christian schools where he might have received scholarships.


  16. Jonathan Liu

    Jonathan Liu Member

    I believe that it is true. I originally got the news from Stockton's KCRA TV station's web site back in April. Then, the day before yesterday, there was a follow-up.

    Jonathan Liu
  17. H. Piper

    H. Piper member

    Originally posted by Jonathan Liu:
    I believe that it is true.

    I'd say there's little doubt the boy's story is true. However, what comes to mind when many of us hear the word "homeless" is different than just having to move around a lot. (Although moving around can be hard on a young person, too. I just felt the boy's situation is being grandstanded a little - he even made reference on his website that he was not trying to belittle the misfortune of the truly homeless. Maybe we have a bright new marketing star on the horizon...)

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